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Mindfulness Retreats

Retreats offer an opportunity to step outside of our regular demands and immerse ourselves in “non-doing” to restore and renew our energy and also to explore and discover new insights and a new relationship with things as they are. This precious time can bring clarity about our relationships, our values and our projects so we can come back to our lives with new inspiration and vigour.


Mindfulness Weekend Retreat - Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Springs, Vic | 13 - 15 September

So often we have to override our tiredness and “push on,” feeding into what Michael Leunig suggests are pervasive states of anxiety and restlessness. Retreats are a unique opportunity to give ourselves permission to stop, rest and restore the mind, body and heart. Join us for a beautiful weekend of nature, meditation, movement, delicious food and connection.

2 days

Spring Reflective Meditation Retreat

During this residential retreat, we will explore an open awareness meditation practice that is followed by reflection. The roots of this practice are to be found in the Buddha’s early teachings and are based on learning to trust the ways of knowing that develop in meditation. This enables you to be more trusting, responsive, and present in your life.

3 nights

Mindfulness Weekend Retreat - Burradoo - NSW - March 2019

During the retreat we will be spending time coming home to the body, the heart and the mind - through the practices of mindfulness. It is an opportunity for the sustained practice of bringing curiosity and compassion to everything that arises, and to notice what happens when we do this. We will be using journaling to explore the unfolding of practice over the weekend. With Timothea Goddard and Eva Papadopoulo

2 days

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