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MBSR 2018 6

Graduate Courses

We are excited that you are continuing your mindfulness journey with us. These courses will help you sustain and develop your skills.

Graduate course

Living with Wisdom and Compassion

Live online graduate course | with Eva Papadopoulo | Starting 6 August, 2020

Following on from MBSR, in this 6 week course we will discover how compassion is a natural and empowering response to stress and distress, and how to make compassionate action our default mode as we move through life. This is a great opportunity to release past hurts, meet current difficulties with courage and wisdom and develop equanimity in the face of uncertainty.

6 weeks

All parts are welcome - finding safety within

Live online graduate course | with Nique Murch | Starting 27 June, 2020

Following on from MBSR, in this 6 week group we will actively cultivate our innate capacities for clarity, curiosity, compassion and courage to work with the inner and outer constraints that shape our lives. We will draw on mindfulness meditation practice as well the Internal Family Systems model to skilfully recognise, investigate and befriend all the different parts of ourselves leading to more authority and wise presence in lives. It will be a rich way to connect with fellow-travellers in the face of our physical isolation and uncertainties ahead.

6 weeks

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