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Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation

A five week introduction to mindfulness course to help you get to know your own inner landscape

5 weeks

Foundations of Mindfulness - A five week introduction to mindfulness course

Live-online | $250 Early-bird Price / $295 Full Price 


Whatever you are grappling with, awareness of your own mind and body is the best starting place to cultivate a healthy mind.

This course is for those who are very time poor, or who want to get a clearer picture of their own mind and how it can help rather than be a hindrance. We hope this short five-week course will be a powerful doorway into the practice of mindfulness and how to begin embedding it into your everyday life. 

Benefits of beginning this 5 week journey….
  • Interrupt your stress reactivity
  • Practice moments of calm and peace every day (even amidst the stress!)
  • Don’t believe everything you think about yourself or others
  • Feel more self-acceptance and curiosity
  • Experience more joy in everyday activities
The course will involve:
  • Five 1.5 hour classes (any less would be a real rush)
  • Short 15 minutes practice a day to get you started
  • Mindfulness meditation and body awareness training
  • An exploration of your own patterns and how to transform them
  • Good conversations about things that matter
  • Scientific rationale for the practice
  • A weekly email and ongoing individual support from your teacher
  • Access to Openground audio app for practise and a 60 page course book
  • A live weekly free practise group after you have finished the group  

After completing the Fundamentals for Living course you are welcome to come to our quarterly Days of Mindfulness.


Interrupt your stress reactivity


Practice moments of calm and peace every day


Feel more self-acceptance and curiosity

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Leave us your email address and you can download a free e-book which covers some basics and will give you a good idea about the structure and content of this new program.

A taste of mindfulness

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I can't thank you enough for this amazing course. I work as a Learning Designer in the Higher Education sector so I am always conscious of how learning is put together as a package and I can't praise you enough for how well this course came together. The course materials are clear and beautifully produced, the communication about what was happening and when was appropriate and accurate and the online classes were engaging and respectful of people's differences.

I have been a meditator for some years, but I found during the Covid era I lost my way somewhat. I had heard from a friend that recommended your courses, so I have been looking out for one which suits. A lot of the material you covered was stuff I was familiar with, but I found it really helpful to be reminded of it and the course (and practice) helped me to put it into context. I find that I am now remembering to stop, take a breath, and settle before tackling the 'tough stuff' and consequently I am feeling much calmer and in control than previously.