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Georgie Davidson

georgie davidson

Georgie Davidson is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, yoga teacher, MBSR mindfulness facilitator and educator.

She offered the first MBSR in South Australia in 2010 and she has been honoured to walk beside many who have embarked on a mindfulness journey. Georgie's experience, personal mindfulness and yoga practice, scientific knowledge and natural curiosity, combine to create a safe, nourishing and engaging space to explore new possibilities.

Georgie, with her extensive training and unique set of skills, is an innovator in creating and presenting mindfulness-based programs in the fields of pain, trauma, mindfulness and yoga research, health professional education and leadership. She has connections with a number of organisations including Flinders University, Adelaide University, University of SA, The Repatriation Hospital and WorkCoverSA.

Georgie lives with her husband, two teenage daughters and a collection of animals. She is inspired by the beauty and contradictions of life - the natural world around and the complex world within - which she explores through mindfulness, connecting with others, photography, painting, writing, gardening and walking in nature.

Posts by Georgie Davidson for Mindfulness News

Helping Kate - How Mindfulness can Change the Lives of People with Chronic Pain

dead tree sculpture v2

How can mindfulness change the lives of people with chronic Pain?  Mindfulness is purposefully paying attention in a non-judgemental way to what is going on in your body, your mind and...

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