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Mindfulness Weekend Retreat - Hepburn Springs - Vic

Rest & restore

2 days

 Weekend Retreat | 13 - 15 September 2019 | $ Various

The ‘Rest & Restore’ theme resonated so much last time that we are repeating it! Our big, busy lives can easily leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, “always on," or exhausted.

Retreats are a unique opportunity to step out of automatic pilot and give ourselves permission to stop, rest and re-connect with what really matters in mind, body and heart.

Join Nik and Maggie again for a beautiful weekend of nature, meditation, magpies, movement, delicious food, connection, bush walks, guided relaxation and rest.  Nik and Maggie both teach from a trauma-sensitive mindfulness orientation so this secular retreat will feature choice and flexibility.

For an additional fee, massages & steam treatments on-site can be added. We also encourage early Friday afternoon check-in to make this a 3-day restorative experience.


Rest and restore

The space, time and good food and company will enable you to dissolve stress and holding and restore your energy for life.


Deepen your mindfulness practice

Sustained, restful practice over the three days will deepen your sense of presence and focus.


Take in the good

Let go of an orientation of 'doing' and 'managing' and embrace moments of ease, support, delight and stillness.

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daisy flower spring - pricing for mindfulness retreat


Single Room   
Please email [email protected] to go on a wait list.
Early-bird - $749 - Early-bird until 1st August
Full price - $799 

Twin Share Room  
Please email [email protected] to go on a wait list.
Early-bird - $599 until 1st August 
Full price - $649 



Date and Time

Friday (6pm) September 13th to Sunday (3pm) September 15th, 2019                        
The retreat will commence officially with our arrival dinner at 6pm Friday, and conclude around 3pm Sunday. You can also check in earlier from around 2 or 3 and join a group for a Turkish steam experience or take the short walk down to the Hepburn bathhouse. Be in touch if you are interested.


Venue and Catering

Continental Guesthouse, Hepburn Springs
9 Lone Pine Ave, Hepburn Springs, Victoria 3461

The retreat will take place in the beautifully refurbished 1920s Continental Guesthouse, perched high in the bushland of Hepburn Springs. All food – delicious & nutritious vegetarian meals – will be prepared by a local caterer specialising in slow food. 




Cancellation policy

What is a secular retreat?


NEW watercolour

Secular means "of our age". 

We offer retreats that are open to people of any and no faith. Our retreats are informed by both ancient knowledge and contemporary understandings about human flourishing, including scientific findings about health and well-being. 

While mindfulness is a natural human capacity, we draw explicitly on the very practical teachings of the Buddha, which describe experiences that are shared by all humans. We bring understandings from Buddhist psychology to inquire into the nature of suffering and how to incline the mind towards  freedom. We bring an interest in the the fields of neuroscience and psychology which continue to expand our understandings of how to live a fulfilling life with less struggle, and to make links to practical teachings that have existed for thousands of years.

Our retreats makes the practical learning from Buddhism, as well as modern science, available in an ordinary, secular and accessible way that is applicable in your everyday life.