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Mindfulness Practice and Retreats

It can be hard to keep up a regular mindfulness practice by yourself! Openground offers a free or by donation weekly online mindfulness practice session, as well as quarterly graduate day of mindfulness and urban retreats.

Retreats offer an opportunity to step outside of our regular demands and immerse ourselves in “non-doing” to restore and renew our energy and also to explore and discover new insights and a new relationship with things as they are. This precious time can bring clarity about our relationships, our values and our projects so we can come back to our lives with new inspiration and vigour.

Rest and renew in good company

Online practice group | Sundays, weekly | 4.30 - 5.45 pm

Each week on Sundays, one of our marvellous teachers leads practice and discussion. This session is centred around a theme, and involves a movement practice, some stillness practice and then sharing and brief discussion.  It is great way to support your practice through connection with others who value this way of being in the world. This is even more important as we face the challenges of isolation and stress that might arise in the next few months. 

  • We love providing these practice sessions freely but if you feel to, do register with a CONTRIBUTION to support this work.

 **We are wanting to be inclusive, but the practice groups are not an introduction to mindfulness. If you have some experience and knowledge of practice you are welcome to join us or if you are doing MBSR and way to practice with others on a Sunday.  Otherwise, it may be better for you to take up the in-depth mindfulness training (MBSR) - especially if you are quite stressed or have anxiety, depression or pain.

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Urban Retreat Days | 9am - 1pm or 1pm - 5pm

Refresh your motivation and keep practising mindfulness, reconnect with the support of the practice and take a half day to renew your connection with yourself and practice in the good company of fellow travellers.

We want to be inclusive, but this day of practice will suit people with some experience and knowledge of mindfulness practice - for example like the learning that happens in an eight-week program.  So if you have some experience of practice - do feel free to register (even if you haven't done MBSR, MBCT or MiCBT.)  If you haven't done any mindfulness training yet, have a look at the MBSR page to find a course near you.  This will be a better fit, than leaping into a retreat day.At the end of the eight week MBSR course, continue engaging in the practice at a regular drop-in Practice Group.

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Weekend Mindfulness Retreats | Befriending Your Mind

In this retreat, the focus will be on exploration of the mind you have, rather than training the mind in a certain preferred direction. We will have lots of free time plus structured meditation time where you will offer yourself a big internal "paddock" to run around in. You will then get an opportunity (if you wish) to explore this dear mind and to see what is there to be known.  Single rooms, good food and time in nature offer a great space to rest, renew and explore.

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Day of Mindfulness

Every three months Openground hosts a Day of Mindfulness, which as well as being an integral part of the MBSR course each term, is also available for past participants.

The quarterly Day of Mindfulness is an opportunity for people who have done the course, and the teachers of the course, to come together to spend a day practicing meditation. Over the course of the day, we will spend most of the time in silence, and some time sharing our experience. You will be led through various meditations including sitting, walking, and stretching. 

This day of meditation training provides time and space for focused practice which can refresh mindfulness skills and strengthen ongoing practice at home.


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