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Evidence based mindfulness programs for mental health

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Fortunately, the human psyche, like human bones, is strongly inclined towards self-healing.  

John Bowlby

Openground takes a whole-person and recovery-oriented approach to mental health. Our work is grounded in an understanding about what humans need to feel safe, responsive and empowered to transform things - inside and out.

In our mindfulness programs we strive to:
  • Offer skills and knowledge to draw out your own innate wisdom in meeting your own  challenges
  • Collaborate with you, as you are the expert on your own experience
  • Complement conventional healthcare and support the effectiveness of other therapy or medication you are using.
  • Effectively help with stress, burnout, trauma, depression, emotion dysregulation, negative thoughts, experiential avoidance and interpersonal problems (ie our programs are trans-diagnostic)
  • Provide an environment of safety and trust where connection can happen and where a sense of aloneness can be broken down.
  • Acknowledge and work with the societal causes of mental and physical suffering.
  • Enhance positive functioning such as self-compassion, well-being, and self-worth. 

What is mindfulness?

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