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  • "It has definitely changed relationships in my life. I am a lot less anxious. It helped me deal with confrontation a lot better. Loved the course and would recommend it to everyone."
    Lacee , 2022
  • "Having suffered anxiety & depression since a teenager, without much relief from the meds, I was amazed at what happened in the course. I felt like I found mySELF again. I don’t get so caught up in my upsets and can keep moving forward."
    Karen , 2023
  • "It is hard to verbalise the surprisingly profound impact this experience (so much more than a course) has had on me. It has been so complete—spiritually, emotionally, professionally and intellectually."
    Patrick , 2016
  • "I had PTSD, anxiety & depression for five years after the Murrindindi Bushfires. I had resumed smoking & drinking to cope and had really high blood pressure. By the end of the course, I stopped drinking and smoking and and my BP was down to 55!"
    Chris , 2014
  • "I can’t recommend the 8 week mindfulness course enough. It is fantastic to learn the techniques while being with a group, as it felt like a learning journey together. I can already see my reactions to situations have changed as a result."
    Sarah H , 2022
  • "I have learnt a lot about myself through the program. Coming from a place of feeling very disconnected to myself, I now feel I am engaged and listening to what I need, which then has allowed me to handle what life has to offer in a positive way."
    Anonymous , 2022
  • "Understanding mindfulness has changed my life."
    Lee-Anne M , 2018
  • "The online course was amazing. I learned so much about meditation techniques and about how to keep my mind calm - I am very grateful.  It has provided me with such invaluable tools to manage life stress. I highly recommend the course."
    Ruvani , 2021
  • "With mental health issues I have often felt on the outer. This course was so good to feel part of something & finding out that all our minds work in certain ways that can cause trouble. I feel much less shame & more proactive to take risks in my life"
    Ivan , 2022
  • "I take meds for Bipolar, but the course has worked a treat for me in feeling less anxious about what other people think. I can look after my mental health better now - rest, not drinking so much and calming my mind through the practice."
    Ben , 2021
  • "I am a return student & found myself longing to return to practice, as I had a life changing experience during the first course. Doing the MBSR course a second time gave me new insights & learnings & I have gained so much out of it once more."
    Nicholas , 2023
  • "The MBSR course has helped me to think differently...lighter & with more compassion. I have appreciated the approach, resources, poems, theories, explanations & general wisdom. I won’t hesitate to recommend your MBSR course to anyone with ears."
    Jen W , 2022
  • "This meditation course changes lives. You will gain greater insight into yourself than you ever thought possible. The MBSR course allowed me to pause, to listen with curiosity & compassion rather than pushing my needs aside or casting self-judgment."
    Emerson , 2022
  • "Wow, this MBSR course really was a transformative process. I had no idea it would be so profound. I enjoyed every class and sharing and listening with others. I really feel every human being needs to do this mindfulness training course!"
    Jade N , 2022
  • "I have more energy, I'm more decisive. I feel capable of handling setbacks & have a deeper appreciation of the importance of being kind to myself. I’m less reactive & this has helped reduce my stress levels. I got something out of every MBSR class."
    Christine S , 2022
  • "The course exceeded my expectations. I always have hopes when I do courses, but rarely expect the end product will be as effective as I hope. This course was different. The course enabled me to get on my feet, mindfully, and start my journey."
    JDJ , 2024
  • "The course was very well organised. The teacher was very compassionate and guided the group really well. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in deepening their practice or stepping into the world of awareness."
    Vaskar , 2024
  • "I recommend anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of self, happiness and life to experience this course. This can be truly life-changing."
    Cathy , 2024
  • "I feel completely different after doing this course. I have so much more clarity and feel I have so much more agency."
    Steph , 2024

Understanding mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is an invitation for greater balance, choice and participation in life.



Focus and presence

Cultivate more concentration and capacity to be in the moment with what matters to you most, here and now.


Emotional calming

Reduce reactivity, learn to befriend your emotions and to express them in ways that set clear and caring boundaries.


Clarity and wisdom

See your patterns and values with more clarity so that your actions can be more beneficial to yourself and others.


Come and learn with us!

Openground is a charity that embraces a holistic

and recovery-focused approach to health - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


Life is demanding and can sometimes feel very difficult.
We support those of us who are living through all kinds of distress. It could be named as isolation, disconnection, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, depression, pain and illness, or maybe you are experiencing symptoms that are the result of trauma.  Maybe it is an inability to take in what is enjoyable in your life or fear about the future.
With two decades of experience in clinical mindfulness training, we have some confidence in meeting you where you are at.  We are committed to making your training in mindfulness meditation safe, user-friendly and relevant to your life. We offer discounted places to ensure no-one is left out.
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