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Openground Courses

Join us and develop specific skills and practices to help break cycles of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

Foundation course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - From isolation to connection - no matter where you live!

Live online Australia-wide | SERIOUS DISCOUNTS for those in need | Commencing May 2020

Undertaking this in-depth training to develop a steady mindfulness practice will offer you a precious capacity for the rest of your life. We take a genuine, personal approach and our dedicated teachers will go the extra mile to help you engage with each other and your practice in ways that are immediately satisfying and helpful. The new online format emerges from wisdom and care in response to the global health challenge; we encourage you to try it.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based, user-friendly program that brings the principles of mindfulness meditation into everyday life by teaching specific skills and practices to help break cycles of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

Openground is proud to be endorsed by Emeritus Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn – who developed MBSR at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. As seen on ABC Catalyst TV.

Book early as our courses fill up quickly.

8 weeks

Graduate course

Living with Wisdom and Compassion

Live online graduate course | with Eva Papadopoulo | Starting 7 May, 2020

Following on from MBSR, in this 6 week course we will discover how compassion is a natural and empowering response to stress and distress, and how to make compassionate action our default mode as we move through life. This is a great opportunity to release past hurts, meet current difficulties with courage and wisdom and develop equanimity in the face of uncertainty.

6 weeks

All parts are welcome - finding safety within

Live online graduate course | with Timothea Goddard | Starting 2 May, 2020

Following on from MBSR, in this 6 week group we will actively cultivate our innate capacities for clarity, curiosity, compassion and courage to work with the inner and outer constraints that shape our lives. We will draw on mindfulness meditation practice as well the Internal Family Systems model to skilfully recognise, investigate and befriend all the different parts of ourselves leading to more authority and wise presence in lives. It will be a rich way to connect with fellow-travellers in the face of our physical isolation and uncertainties ahead.

6 weeks


Rick Hanson - PNT with Clinical Applications

Sydney | 16 - 19 November 2020

Join NY Times bestselling author and psychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D. for this experiential 4-day workshop on using modern neuroscience to develop powerful inner resources - hardwired into the nervous system - to increase coping, happiness, and well-being. This experiential program will draw on stimulating lectures, inquiry, exercises alone and with others, meditation practice and discussions.

4 days

Rick Hanson - Neurodharma

Sydney | 21 - 22 November

Throughout history, people have sought the heights of human potential—to become as wise and strong, happy and loving, as any person can ever be. And now, thanks to recent science, we’re finding how these remarkable ways of being are based on equally remarkable changes in our own nervous system. Join Rick for this workshop in which we will

2 days


Urban Retreat Day

Urban retreat day| Live online |$15 for MBSR grads
This day retreat is for MBSR graduates. 
If you haven't done the MBSR course yet, have a look at the MBSR page to find a course near you.
Please only register if you are an MBSR graduate. 

1 day

Mindfulness Weekend Retreat - Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Springs, Vic | 28 - 30 August 2020

So often we have to override our tiredness and “push on,” feeding into what Michael Leunig suggests are pervasive states of anxiety and restlessness. Retreats are a unique opportunity to give ourselves permission to stop, rest and restore the mind, body and heart. Join us for a beautiful weekend of nature, meditation, movement, delicious food and connection.

2 days

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