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Mindfulness Musings

Read the about mindfulness, MBSR and the science of mindful living here on our Mindfulness Musings pages.

Instructions for Mindful Walking

I’ve just returned from two weeks hiking in New Zealand - stunning.

"Community of the Afflicted" - a great advertisement for mindfulness training!

I love this short piece by Jon Kabat-Zinn called “Listening is an act of love”.

The benefits of mindfulness training for people with ADHD

Ever wondered if there’s a training that helps you focus better? Interested in better managing stress and feeling more emotionally balanced? Life can certainly be challenging, especially if you have attentional difficulties…

Throwing Things Away

“I am shocked by the ignorance and wastefulness with which persons who should know better throw away the things they do not like.

The wish to be generous

This tree is here. It is no longer alive in the biological sense, but in the sense of participation and presence and contribution, it is very much alive.

The Need for Speed and The Grace of Space

I have been undertaking an experiment lately (as part of that broader experiment we are all involved in – otherwise known as life!) where I am trying to find a…

Marvelously messy

Happy 2019! It feels far to soon to be writing those words, but here we are at the beginning of a new year, with all the fresh opportunities and challenges it…

Don't try too hard to concentrate!

A little while back I attended a 9-day retreat with Patrick Kearney (www. dharmasalon. net), an excellent and very experienced meditation teacher.

What mindfulness course is right for you?

There is a dazzling array of mindfulness offerings around lately, so how to choose?   Here is a chart that maps out different kinds of training - from the most accessible and…

This Incredible Brain and Mindfulness

Our brains are an incredible, complex and magnificent network of connected superhighways, powering our body and mind 24/7.

Death and presence - Thank you dear Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver died on the 17th January, 2019. We are a long time dead.

All parts are welcome ~ Loosening our identification in mindfulness meditation practice

Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures – Rilke Most of us come to mindfulness practice to deal with something we don’t want.

What to expect in doing a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course

Six things to expect from an MBSR course - and they may surprise you.

ABC Catalyst - The Mindfulness Experiment

ABC’s Catalyst recently conducted “ The Mindfulness Experiment” by inviting 15 Australians from all walks of life into an eight-week intensive mindfulness meditation program: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

“Progress” in meditation and opening to the bigger picture

My colleague Nancy Bardecke says: “Expectations? Suffering under construction!” So often when we are learning something new we expect this – the straight line of progress.

Tenderness in our practice and our relationships

A few years back I went to a one day seminar with a remarkable person - Kent Hoffman. He is a long term meditation dude in the Zen tradition, and also the founder of a profound parenting program - the Circle of Security which is grounded in the latest science about how kids and parents thrive. He had some interesting things to say about life, love and stress - the foundation being:  

Practice as resting (in the flow of our inner life)

We work so hard at everything. And anything can become one more task to do – including our mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness and climate change: are we paying attention to the things that matter?

Dear friends, I don’t usually write emails through Openground that are directed specifically to our governance as a community, but I think now is the time.