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Mindfulness and climate change: are we paying attention to the things that matter?

17 October 2018 | , Timothea Goddard | Mindfulness Practice , Mindfulness Courses ,

Dear friends,

I don’t usually write emails through Openground that are directed specifically to our governance as a community, but I think now is the time. If we only use our mindfulness practice to feel better inside ourselves, we are missing the point. Mindfulness involves paying attention so that we can reduce suffering for ourselves and others, and to become more response-able: ABLE TO RESPOND.

Climate change

The UN have just published their IPCC report that is frightening for our future, and I think calls for us all to get more proactive. The report warned that we have only 12 years to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5C or face dire consequences across the globe. This involves actively relinquishing our use of fossil fuels and building capacity for renewal energy throughout our economy. This is not impossible and if undertaken with energy and care can have profound benefits for Australians and the wider world.

The Wentworth by-election and our chance at a powerful communication

The Liberal Party leaders in recent years have been neglectful, dismissive, avoidant and even contemptuous of the need to act decisively to transform our economy so that we can all go forward caring for our lives and the lives of others across the planet. It seems that the status quo and the powerful people who benefit from it is what they are wanting to protect.

Even John Hewson, a former leader of the party is campaigning hard for the people of Wentworth to express their commitment to effective action on climate change. Read more here.

And Malcolm Turnbull’s son - a banker - has also strongly criticised the Liberal Party over it’s neglect on climate change. Read more here.

If the Liberals lost the Wentworth election, this would send a powerful message to all parties that this is a major key to how most Australians want things to unfold in the future.

Let’s show all the parties that the people of Wentworth are intelligent, connected and value science and the economic realities that of climate change and we are not prepared to be patronised and ignored on this.

This by-election is the perfect vehicle to send a message as whoever gets in will only have a term up til the next major election in 2019. So even if you want to vote Liberal at the next election next year, you could send a powerful message about your dismay re: action on climate right now.

Are you willing to put your energy and voice into this debate, here, now?

'What can you do?

Write a letter/email of your own, and talk to your neighbours and friends. In the letter or your email or your conversation you need to say two things:

1. Share your view on climate change

2. Ask them to vote against Liberal in the by-election on the 20th October.

Thanks so much for listening!

With care,


PS To start feeling more powerful and optimistic, have a look here at the work of Beyond Zero Emissions who have outlined a brilliant plan for this pathway to a renewable future which is economically viable.