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Upgrade Your Mind

Join us in this digital detox- a powerful antidote to numbing out and sacrificing so much precious time to algorithms. Say YES to life, and NO to life-draining doom scrolling!

4 weeks

Upgrade Your Mind 

Take a fresh hold of your life through a digital detox, in good company.

Four weeks | Starting 24 July 2024
Live on Zoom | 7 - 8:30pm (AEST)
With: Timothea Goddard

OVER-connected = disconnected from your REAL life

Life during the most “connected” era in human history has many positives. But too much technology can have unintended  consequences.  Frequent technology use has been linked to:

  •  heightened attention-deficit symptoms,
  • impaired emotional and social intelligence,
  • technology addiction,
  • social isolation,
  • impaired brain development,
  • exhaustion and disrupted sleep.
Who knew that something than can feel so good, can be so troublesome!
Your mind. Your life.

Your mind is a powerful determinant in how life goes. 

With a combination of ancient practices and modern tools, Upgrade your Mind helps you to simplify your digital habits and learn deep lessons from the wisdom of Buddhist psychology and the practice of mindfulness, by applying it to this particular area of your life. We start by getting clear about the science, our behaviour and what it leads to. Then we make small shifts over this four week experiment to support our relationship with ourselves and others, for more peace and ease in daily life, and for the development of wisdom too. 

You will be supported by:
  • A clear understanding of the science of tech addiction and how it works
  • Satisfying and challenging practices designed to support your own authority and choices in life
  • A group of people who are motivated to grow with you
  • A live dedicated teacher to hold you in the ups and downs of the process
Pricing and Scholarship places
  • Standard Rate $330
  • And we are delighted to offer discounted places for those who need  financial support to come along.  

If you have access to some financial security: through income, assets (savings, shares, property) and/or superannuation income we ask you to pay the full fee (or do a payment plan) as we need your support! 

If you are in financial need: unemployed, on a disability, have an illness, or are a student (with no support from parents) or have other financially stressful circumstances please be in touch to get a scholarship place.


Mindfulness Course Discounts

All are welcome

with or without mindfulness experience



your digital habits with a combination of ancient practices and modern tools



your time and attention to enjoy a simpler, richer way of living

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Topics by week

Week 1: Noticing - what you are already doing
Week 2: Reducing - applying effective strategies and digital tools so you can reclaim your time and attention
Week 3: Understanding - how our natural tendencies towards craving, aversion and oblivion create cycles of reactivity.
Week 4: Reclaiming - your time, interests, connections and potential to live more "on purpose".