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Mindfulness Courses - Distance - Live-online

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an eight-week foundational mindfulness training which is evidence-based, practical and empowering.

What is the MBSR Course?

Openground’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course is a practical and engaging training program equipping you with tools for responding to stress more effectively and cultivating greater balance, wellbeing and ease.

In signing up for the course, you will engage in:

  • a one-on-one phone session with your teacher
  • 8 weekly classes for 2.5 hours, plus a day’s silent retreat
  • yoga, movement and embodiment trainings
  • tools for identifying and changing habits of mind and body
  • presentations on relevant theory and group discussions
  • one-on-one support, feedback and tailored practice options from your teacher
  • scientific research on mindfulness
  • establishing your own daily practice

Is this distance mindfulness training course for me?

This secular program, informed by insights drawn from eastern and western science, psychology and philosophy is open to all and highly accessible. You don’t have to believe in anything to practice mindfulness. Just come and give it a try!

What will I take away from investing in this mindfulness program?

An investment in this program, both financial and more importantly, in terms of your own time and attention, will equip you with integrated skills for taking a stand in your own life; for living with greater clarity, resilience, integrity and focus.

 When it comes to meditation and mindfulness, The MBSR Course has one of the largest bodies of evidence-based research behind it: over 40 years of studies detailing some of the following outcomes:

  • increased capacity to manage stress and respond to physical, mental or emotional challenges
  • increase in overall wellbeing, steadiness and contentment
  • decrease in actual stress symptoms and in reactivity
  • flexibility in both mind and body
  • emotional healing and regulation
  • increased energy and efficacy in life and in daily tasks
  • health benefits including immune system function, cell repair and digestion
  • improved problem-solving, motivation and concentration

Discounts if you need a hand

See below some payment options. (If you have access to assets, savings, shares, or property, can we ask you pay as much as you can, to support our mission.) Thanks! 

  1. $250 - Financially stretched
    I’ve got serious financial constraints but eager to participate.
  2. $495 – I’m managing but could do with a hand
    I am doing OK but need some support.
  3.  $695 – I can afford to pay the full fee
    I’ve some financial resources and am able to pay the full fee.

Please complete this questionnaire today if you need a serious discount and we will be in touch soon

Where can I do an MBSR course with Openground?

Live-Online Distance Mindfulness Training | In the comfort of your place

If you can't find a mindfulness face to face course near you, then the Live-Online MBSR course is for you.
Scroll down the page to see Distance Live-Online MBSR course dates and details

Meet our Distance Live-Online Mindfulness Teacher

Di Shaw

Grad. Dip. Sustainability Studies, GAICD

Di Shaw - Mindfulness teacher - Melbourne, VicDi has long been curious about neuroplasticity and our capacity for change. Her personal mindfulness practice has included Feldenkrais awareness through movement for over thirty years and mindfulness meditation for over thirteen years, including a number of Silent Insight Meditation retreats. She trained as an MBSR teacher with Openground in Melbourne in 2007, and has facilitated several MBSR courses. She completed her Professional Feldenkrais Training in London in 1991, has taught numerous awareness through movement classes, and incorporates Feldenkrais in her MBSR teaching.

With a commitment to lifelong learning, Di is an experienced trainer, teaching courses such as Handling Difficult Behaviours and Chairing and Negotiating Skills. As a facilitator she has engaged diverse and remote communities across Australia in dialogue and cultural and strategic planning to assist their self-agency and improve their quality of life. For decades, she has been passionate about cultural and community development, both as a creative practitioner, and as a senior manager and CEO. Much of her work has involved creating community celebrations and rituals honouring people and place and generating a sense of belonging.

Di is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She holds a Post Graduate Degree in Sustainability and is passionate about the four pillars of sustainability - social, cultural, environmental and economic - and believes we can leave the world a kinder place than the one into which we were born.

Some testimonials about the distance MBSR Training

Having undertaken an in person MBSR course several years ago I was unsure about how well the content would transfer to online mode. I need not have worried as in many ways I came to prefer the online format for ease of access and comfort.
As we were still in effect face to face via zoom I do not feel that anything was inferior when comparing my experiences, Di the course teacher and was very adept with zoom and seamlessly integrated the in person format to an online platform including the body work components. Looking back I would say that the online experience suited me better and I highly recommend it. I am likely to signup again as I found the course very helpful in encouraging meto develop a practice that naturally relieves stress and anxiety from the comfort of my own home.
Vicki July 21

“I originally enrolled to do the MBSR online because of personal health circumstances combined with the volatility of the Covid situation.  Online also appealed to me as it was a bit easier to manage a busy household simultaneously - no travel time!  It could be perceived as being less personal over zoom, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all.  Our teacher was a fantastic group facilitator and I really felt like I got to know the group very well over the eight weeks.  There were times we were together as a larger group and times we got to share our experiences in “break-out rooms” with just one or two others.  There was also the advantage of not worrying too much about what other people were doing during the mindfulness practices because you were in your own space not really able to be seen, or see others if you chose.  I was curious as to how the Day of Mindfulness would work out online, but even that worked brilliantly.  I highly recommend the MBSR course and truly think that there are some distinct advantages to doing it online - not least of which is its increased accessibility during a time in our history when I think more people could benefit from it than ever.”
Amy July 22

Why learn with Openground?

Timothea Goddard - Practice mindfulness with an experienced teacher

Personal attention and skilled teaching

Learning mindfulness with an experienced teacher can’t be compared with using an app. We take a genuine, personal approach and our highly trained and dedicated teachers go the extra mile to help you engage with your practice in ways that can bring real transformation.

brain waves - evidence based mindfulness training

Evidence-based program

MBSR is an authentic, evidence-based program of mindfulness training, grounded in 39 years of research. Unlike many shorter mindfulness courses, which have no evidence of benefit, MBSR is globally recognised as the gold standard for mental and physical health in the field.

Best Mindfulness Course

Excellent value

Our immersive, eight-week courses include 28 hours of personal mindfulness training. Many short courses only give you a taste of mindfulness, and are actually more expensive than MBSR on an hourly rate basis. Our courses offer significant value, and we can also arrange serious discounts if you need a helping hand.

Mindfulness Course Discounts
Openground for all

We do like to offer discounts to Health Care card holders and others in genuine financial difficulty (eg for those with disability, unemployment, chronic pain, students with very little support from their parents, or other constricting circumstances). To keep the books balanced, we appreciate you paying the full fee if you can afford it! Contact Caroline at [email protected] if you would like a discount or to go on a payment plan.



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