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When we started teaching MBSR we were surprised at how much each person seemed to get out of the program.  These few testimonials can hopefully provide a window into the experience of past participants.


"The course exceeded my expectations.  I always have positive hopes when I do courses, but rarely expect the end product will be as effective as I hope.  This course was different.  I am shy of false dawns, but I’m cautiously optimistic about mindfulness and my commitment to practice. The course enabled me to get on my feet, mindfully, and start my journey."
JDJ - 2024

"Libba created a safe, trauma-responsive environment that enabled me to feel I could safely enjoy and participate without being affected by the usual anxieties that arise in these situations.  Not easy in a “room” full of veterans, some of whom have diagnosed PTSD, but from where I sat, it was a safe space.  I felt very comfortable about asking what might have been ignorant questions and also in sharing some insights and experiences.  I think Libba did a wonderful job, is highly skilled and a safe pair of hands."
JDJ - 2024

"I recommend anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of self, happiness and life to experience this course. This can be truly life-changing."
Cathy - 2024

"I really enjoyed the course and it has helped me return to practice with a new joy and lightness. Thank-you Ingrid."
Cullan - 2024

"I feel completely different after doing this course. I have so much more clarity and feel I have so much more agency."
Steph - 2024

"I learned through experience that I am not my thoughts or emotions. I am the awareness."
Deb - 2024

"Ingrid is a warm, engaging and truly masterful teacher of MBSR. Words cannot suffice to convey the value she brings to Openground. I was initially quite apprehensive to commence the course after signing up. After the first week with Ingrid however, I felt comfortable and confident that I’d made the right decision."

Mitch - Sept 2023

"The setting for the Day of Mindfulness was very conducive to our group's growth and practice . Also it was a good insight to (later) speak with others from Open Ground's classes and even to see them practice made me feel part of the larger organisation.
But it was Ingrid's very tuned-in, welcoming, sensitive, eloquent leading of us through the hours  that provided me with the real life-in depth understanding of mindfulness  through the actual practices. Sorry for all the adjectives but  Ingrid's  presence and her gentle supportive (psychological - almost) leadership  and calm 'holding of us' as meditators  was special. I know that many in the group felt that as we talked as we went to the car park. I am very glad I ( finally!) did MBSR again."

Eve - Aug 2023

"I am a return student to Openground and found myself longing to return to my practice and in need of a refresher as I had a life changing experience on the first course.  Doing it a second time at a different stage of my life allowed me to get a whole lot of new insights and learnings and I have gained so much out of it once more.  In many ways I feel that this course helps me "return home" to where I know I am suppose to be and feel most at home".
Nicholas - 2023

"Deeper understanding of self; deeper connection to self; help to navigagte pain;help to be curious and reflect on my perception; some emotional healing;a small piece of myself back; it's okay to not be okay."
Anonymous - 2023


Thank you so much for holding a wonderfully safe space and for generously sharing throughout our MBSR program. The program has really helped me to think differently about many things …lighter and with more compassion.  I have greatly appreciated the approach, resources, poems, models/theories, explanations, weekly emails, and general wisdom.
I will miss Tuesday nights!  I won’t hesitate to recommend your MBSR program to anyone with ears.  

Jen W - 2022


This course has the ability to change lives. You will gain far greater insight into yourself than you ever thought possible. This course has allowed me to stop and pause, to meet my Self and to take the time to listen with curiosity and compassion rather than pushing my needs aside or casting self-judgment. I value the ability to stop, refocus and bring my attention back to the present that comes with the practice of mindfulness meditation. I am so grateful to Amara and the people within my group for this experience.

Emerson - 2022


Wow, is what I actually said to myself after leaving the last class. It really was a transformative process. I had no idea it would be so profound. I enjoyed every class and sharing and listening with others. I really feel every human being needs to do this! Amara was a fantastic and loving teacher. Thank you.

Jade N - 2022


My mindset has shifted, I have more energy and I'm more decisive. I feel I am capable of handling setbacks and I have a deeper appreciation of the importance of being kind to myself. I am less reactive, and this has helped reduce my stress levels and allowed me the space to pause before I communicate with others. My ability to set boundaries has improved; I make choices instead of assuming I 'have' to do certain things.
I got something out of every lesson. After the day of mindfulness, that's when I noticed the most significant change. It made me realise the huge benefit of long practices.

Christine S - 2022


I can’t recommend this course enough. It is fantastic to learn mindfulness techniques whilst being with the group each week as it felt like a learning journey together. I can already see my reactions to situations have changed and are less drawn out as a result of the learning from the course. I thoroughly recommend Ingrid as a facilitator as she has a beautiful calm nature and brings so much energy to the group.

Sarah H - 2022


I have learnt a lot about myself through the MBSR course. Coming from a place of feeling very disconnected to myself, I now feel I am engaged and listening to what I need, which then has allowed me to handle what life has to offer in a positive way.

Anonymous - 2022


Thank-you Ingrid for your caring, nurturing spirit. You made everyone feel absolutely comfortable in your presence, and inspired me to continue in my practice.

Jasmine B


Understanding mindfulness has changed my life.

Lee-Anne M - 2018


Having undertaken an in person MBSR course several years ago I was unsure about how well the content would transfer to online mode. I need not have worried as in many ways I came to prefer the online format for ease of access and comfort.
As we were still in effect face to face via zoom I do not feel that anything was inferior when comparing my experiences, Di the course teacher and was very adept with zoom and seamlessly integrated the in person format to an online platform including the body  work components. Looking back I would say that the online experience suited me better and I highly recommend it. I am likely to signup again as I found the course very helpful in encouraging me to develop a practice that naturally relieves stress and anxiety from the comfort of my own home.

Vicki E  July 21


I originally enrolled to do the MBSR online because of personal health circumstances combined with the volatility of the Covid situation. Online also appealed to me as it was a bit easier to manage a busy household simultaneously - no travel time!  It could be perceived as being less personal over zoom, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all.  Our teacher was a fantastic group facilitator and I really felt like I got to know the group very well over the eight weeks.  There were times we were together as a larger group and times we got to share our experiences in “break-out rooms” with just one or two others.  There was also the advantage of not worrying too much about what other people were doing during the mindfulness practices because you were in your own space not really able to be seen, or see others if you chose.  I was curious as to how the Day of Mindfulness would work out online, but even that worked brilliantly.  I highly recommend the MBSR course and truly think that there are some distinct advantages to doing it online - not least of which is its increased accessibility during a time in our history when I think more people could benefit from it than ever.

Amy July 22


Personally I greatly prefer doing MBSR online than in a face to face class. It’s highly convenient as I don’t have to travel. I live in a regional area so would not be able to attend a face to face class easily. It’s safer in terms of not catching viruses and environmentally friendly as it has zero travel emissions. I found the experience of meditating in my own space more private and secure emotionally.  At the same time Di, our teacher, was able to generate a terrific vibe online. The pace, dynamic and rhythm of the online class were lovely and very comfortable. The instructions were perfectly clear and, if we needed to, we could follow Di visually as she led us through moving practices. Di created a greater sense of community than I would have dreamt possible, and the participants were very keen to engage with each other. Of course those who don’t like group discussions can easily opt out without giving offense or even being noticed.

Laura  July 21


The online MBSR course was amazing.  Di was able to navigate the online platform with ease and we all felt like we were a part of a community.  I learned so much about meditation techniques and about how to keep my mind calm in the online course - I am very grateful to have done this course.  It has provided me with such invaluable tools to manage "life stress".  I highly recommend the course.

Ruvani July 21


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the online MBSR course, I think it was probably a new experience for all of us. Regardless of the absence of in-person teaching, Di created a safe and comfortable environment where we could share as much as we wanted about our reasons for taking the course and our experiences throughout it. Break-out groups made it possible to get to know other course members a bit better. I got a lot out of the course, it kick-started my now regular meditation practice and I continue to try to take a mindful approach to the ups n downs of each day.

July 21


It is hard to verbalise the surprisingly profound impact this experience (so much more than a course) has had on me. It has been so complete—spiritually, emotionally, professionally and intellectually.
Patrick, 2016 


I have been a long-term meditator and this was my first MBSR program to learn about the mindfulness meditation approach.  It provided what had been missing from my past routine and renewed my commitment to a formal ongoing practice.  I’ve now made a fundamental shift from routine to ritual.

Going on the MBSR journey has helped me to work towards living and expressing my authentic-self by providing a solid foundation to continuously grow and to better navigate the many challenges that we can face over a lifetime. The MBSR course content was inspiring and delivered by a skilled practitioner in a safe and supportive environment.
Tanya M-R 2022

Learning that neutral experiences are OK. Not all about chasing the positive or wallowing in the negative. People around me have started commenting on the fact that I'm a lot calmer and have more “space” about me - in my interactions with them. Better aware of the impact of thoughts – even passing ones on my mood. Being able to catch thoughts or negative thinking.
Sarah, 2015

I was interested in the mindfulness program to try to make sense of the frenetic state I always seem to be in. Now I know the tools to use when I feel myself ‘digressing'.  I consciously try and think about ‘the current moment’, not judging, not forcing issues, being open to opportunities, trusting.  It’s working!
Peter, 2015

It has definitely changed relationships in my life. Also it has helped me deal with confrontation a lot better. It has helped me become a lot more task focussed and given me the skill to see where my mind often wanders and why it goes to certain places. Loved the course and would recommend it to everyone.
Lacee, 2015

Inner strength, confidence through knowing myself better, a more positive view of my future knowing that all I need is to turn towards my pain and remember it will pass.
Anna, 2016

I recently completed a course in mindfulness with Openground. I have been struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety and depression for the last five years as a direct result of the 2009 Murrindindi Bushfires. My physical health seemed to go down in proportion to my mental well being, with the onset of PTSD. I resumed smoking again after seventeen years which made me very unhappy but I felt powerless and unable to stop and also, for a time, I struggled with alcohol abuse. After only two weeks of practice I seemed to be able to draw on something deep within and I quit smoking. A miracle had occurred. With the medications that I take for the PTSD and anxiety I have to monitor my blood pressure and heart rate every day. By the end of the course, my resting heart rate went from 105 bpm to, after eight weeks, 55-60 bpm and I feel a lot calmer and less anxious. I do not think I would have been able to attain these goals if it were not for doing this course,and I thank Nik from the bottom of my now happy heart.
Chris, 2014

The course has made me feel a lot calmer in a busy life. It has reminded me to stop and smell the roses. It has taught me that awareness – is just that – not complicated! That meditation is not about stopping all thoughts but acknowledging them and letting them pass and then focussing back on the here and now.
Lisa, 2016

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