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20 February 2019

I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness on and off for many years. MBSR course at Openground has added layers of richness, clarity and depth to my understanding of this path. It has offered powerful tools to deal with the vicissitudes of life and the myriad of challenges and emotional upheavals life is always presenting.

It has provided profound yet practical strategies to access and reconnect with the inner life - the only place from which wise and skillful choices can be made. The course has offered invaluable insights into ways in which my habitual patterns of thinking and reacting impact (negatively) on aspects of my life, helping me to loosen and soften these unhelpful patterns and achieve a greater sense of agency, freedom and ownership in my life.

It has re-opened the profound possibility of embueing life and its every moment with the sacrosanct quality of presence, attention and compassion, which is so often lost in the relentless busyness and pressure of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to engage with life in a more meaningful, intimate and wholehearted way.

- Sonya Lifschitz