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Here you will find practices to start off your mindfulness journey.  You will find some some playful short practices for learning how to “drop in” and be more present, as well as some basics of concentration practice and some more imaginative ones too.  You will also get a sense of our orientation to learning.

Please note: If unpleasant experience comes up during a practice - like boredom, irritation, sadness, impatience - it doesn’t mean it is “not working”.  It just means that these parts of you need attention!
MBSR is an evidence-based, systematic foundational training which provides the skills to approach and digest difficult stressful experience in a skilful way and thereby cultivate more calm, wisdom and authority in your life. We do hope you join us!  

Do be in touch -  speak to a teacher  - if you want to know more about the in-depth MBSR foundational training.

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