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Having introduced the gold-standard Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to Australia in 2004, Openground is a leader in bringing pragmatic, user-friendly, evidence-based mindfulness training - in the form of courses, workshops and retreats - to a wide range of contexts: health, education, workplace and the public.

Our programs offer an intelligent and accessible approach - grounded in science and the wisdom traditions which inform contemporary mindfulness meditation practice.

People are different. Our teachers have rigorous training and a depth of personal and professional experience and are so able to provide both precision and flexibility in their teaching.They can provide an the responsive personalised care through which you can develop your skills, attitudes and knowledge giving you more choice, connectedness and freedom in life.

Openground maintain close professional links with the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre (US)

 Our values

Openground staff provide courses which are safe, engaging, and effective by embodying the following core values:

- respect for each individual's uniqueness
- provision of an empathic, responsive environment in which to learn
- integrity in terms of ethical and professional responsibilities
- rigour and depth of experience, training and supervision in the fields which contribute to excellence in mindfulness-based training

All Openground teachers engage regularly in professional development, silent retreats and ongoing personal practice.



Openground Pty Ltd is directly responsible for the MBSR courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide and Brisbane and the professional training programs, retreats and most workshops. 

Courses in all other centres are operated by associates of Openground, and the respective teachers of those courses are responsible for all aspects of course delivery, advertising, fee structure and professional and clinical decision-making.

The teachers group of Openground functions as a source of ongoing peer supervision, consultation and support in the service of making the MBSR courses we offer accessible, sustainable and of a high quality for participants.


  Fee Structure

We understand that mindfulness meditation teachings are traditionally offered in a spiritual context on a donation basis. The MBSR program has sprung from this tradition, but is offered by professionals as part of their work. Hence fees are charged for the classes.

We have a commitment to making the MBSR program accessible to as many people as possible, even when people can’t afford the full fee. To this end, we offer strongly discounted places and payment plans. (Since its inception the Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane arm of Openground has given away 35% of possible income as discounted places.)

In referring to our programs, feel free to refer people who require discounted places. And keep in mind, that in order to continue offering such strong discounts, we also need to have places filled by people who are able to pay the full fee.

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