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20 February 2019

Finding MBSR has been life changing. Since my teens I’ve experienced periods of depression and anxiety. I tried many different approaches, always desperate to find something to relieve the suffering. I battled against myself and panicked as soon as I felt my mood slipping yet again.

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At times I realised I was even anxious about being anxious. I knew this was making things worse but couldn’t stop the repetitive thoughts.

Signing up for the 8 week MBSR course with Openground is the best thing I have ever done for my health.

The techniques we learnt and the daily practice of meditation have been profound. Being part of a group in which others were struggling with difficulties was such a relief – I wasn’t alone!

There was great support – both from the teacher and within the group.

I felt that everyone cared about each other as we shared our progress and setbacks. I now have the confidence and ability to deal with difficult emotions in a whole new way. I’m less reactive and better able to deal with stresses and difficulties in life. I feel a greater depth of connection in my relationships and really enjoy life to the full.

Most of all I know I can manage changes in my mental health with skill rather than panic. I’m so grateful for this shift. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MBSR. If you’re thinking of signing up, do it now - there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.