Special Practice Group, Talk and Community Dinner

NSW | Bondi Junction

Date: Sunday, 20 November, 2016 | Time: 5:00 pm - 8:15 pm | Price: $33

Hopefully mindfulness is not just for us to feel better personally, but has the potential for us to know deeply our interconnectedness and act to reduce suffering for ourselves and others. We will be meeting each month to explore the work of Joanna Macy to support our care and actions in the world. 

This Sunday on November the 20th, the theme will be about getting informed about renewable energy possibilities.  

About our presenter:

Bir Ravinder is a volunteer for Beyond Zero Emissions, which is a renewable energy think tank focused on developing detailed plans to eliminate Australia's carbon emissions. Outside of this Bir is undertaking a degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on renewable energy technologies. While working as a solutions designer for an engineering, procurement and construction company in the energy efficiency industry.

Following is an outline of the presentation:

We will use our practice, and our conversation to explore how we can move effortlessly towards more connection and "response-abilty" in relation to our world inside us and also more widely. Come an commune with us!

All proceeds will go to Beyond Zero Emissions

About Beyond Zero 

Beyond Zero Emissions is an Australian research and education centre created in 2006 to help governments, businesses and individuals address one fundamental question: How can Australia transition to a zero emissions economy?

Our research shows how Australia can achieve rapid reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport, energy, agriculture, export, buildings and industry sectors. Our work is carried out by a small staff of experts, with the help of a large network of volunteer scientists, engineers and economists, and academic institutions. We are funded by private foundations and concerned individuals.



Sunday 20th November 2016, 5:00 pm - 8:15pm 


A dish to share


Loft & Earth, Level 1, 70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction


What People Are Saying

I have learnt a lot about myself through the MBSR course. Coming from a place of feeling very disconnected to myself, I now feel I am engaged and listening to what I need, which then has allowed me to handle what life has to offer in a positive way.

Anonymous, 2018

Since doing your course (Living with Wisdom and Compassion) my major transformation has been in my daily work as a family doctor. Instead of being the best doctor I can so that patients will admire me and appreciate me I am aware that I am regularly “putting myself in my patients shoes.” I want their lives to be better and their suffering to diminish. Whether that is through my doctoring or something not related to me is not relevant.



Ingrid (GP), 2018

Understanding mindfulness has changed my life.



Lee-Anne , 2018

It was great to be able to explore the strength of compassion, both internally and externally, through Living with Wisdom and Compassion. This course builds on what MBSR began. While it had its challenging moments, I came away from it feeling stress-relief thanks to my heart softening yet strengthening. And from the ability to see that even though we are all unique individuals, and we may express ourselves in wildly different ways, we all have the same needs. The better I can get at understanding those needs the more effective I can be in helping myself and others. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Lisa, 2018

Bravo Ingrid Jolley and Openground! Thank you for your soothing and strengthening MBSR course. I’m feeling grounded, curious and hopeful about the future. I have the tools I need to lead an authentic, fulfilling life. 


Roz , 2018