Professional Mindfulness-Based Programs Training


Between 2007 and 2013, Openground offered professional teacher training in mindfulness-based approaches in co-operation with the Center for Mindfulness, UMass.  

In 2013 this training function was rolled over into the newly created Mindfulness Training Institute. The MTI is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing excellent and sustainable professional training in mindfulness-based approaches in Australasia. If you are seriously interested in becoming a mindfulness teacher, explore the website for details about the training pathway, costs, how to apply and our involvement in international integrity for mindfulness-based approaches world-wide. 

The Directors of Training in MTI bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to the provision of excellent training in mindfulness based approaches:


Dr Maura Kenny


A psychiatrist in the public health system, Maura is Coordinator of the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Programs at the Centre for the Treatment of Anxiety & Depression, South Australian Health. Maura trained in MBCT under the guidance of Prof Mark Williams and his colleagues in the UK. She began teaching MBCT to clinical groups in 2002 and also completed an Advanced MBCT training in the US in 2006.

She is Chair of the International Integrity Committee for MBIs and the Convenor of the Discipline of Psychiatry’s Mindfulness Research Group at the University of Adelaide and her research focuses on the efficacy, mediators and long term effects of applied mindfulness. Maura has extensive experience of providing CBT and MBCT programs for clinicians and therapists of different disciplinary backgrounds, and has led numerous mindfulness workshops and residential training intensives nationally and overseas. She is an Associate teacher and trainer at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, UK.


  Timothea Goddard 

(BA, Dip Psych ANZAP, Clin Mem PACFA)

Timothea - the Director of Openground - is recognised as a pioneer in bringing mindfulness interventions to Australia over the past 12 years. She was the first person in Australia to complete the training and be accredited with the world renowned contemporary secular mindfulness work of Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre (USA) and maintains strong professional links there.  

Timothea has worked in private practice for 30 years as a psychotherapist, educator and workplace trainer, having trained in humanistic, psychodynamic and body-based psychotherapy. Regarding other mindfulness based approaches, she is an enthusiast - having trained extensively in MiCBT with Bruno Cayoun as well as in ACT, Breathworks, the Mindful Schools Curriculum Training, the .b Mindfulness in Schools training and the Still Quiet Place for kids.  She was an assistant teacher in an MBCT program with Professor Mark Williams and Dr Maura Kenny. She has extensive experience in providing professional training and supervision in the discipline of psychotherapy as well as mindfulness based approaches.


What People Are Saying

I have learnt a lot about myself through the MBSR course. Coming from a place of feeling very disconnected to myself, I now feel I am engaged and listening to what I need, which then has allowed me to handle what life has to offer in a positive way.

Anonymous, 2018

Since doing your course (Living with Wisdom and Compassion) my major transformation has been in my daily work as a family doctor. Instead of being the best doctor I can so that patients will admire me and appreciate me I am aware that I am regularly “putting myself in my patients shoes.” I want their lives to be better and their suffering to diminish. Whether that is through my doctoring or something not related to me is not relevant.



Ingrid (GP), 2018

Understanding mindfulness has changed my life.



Lee-Anne , 2018

It was great to be able to explore the strength of compassion, both internally and externally, through Living with Wisdom and Compassion. This course builds on what MBSR began. While it had its challenging moments, I came away from it feeling stress-relief thanks to my heart softening yet strengthening. And from the ability to see that even though we are all unique individuals, and we may express ourselves in wildly different ways, we all have the same needs. The better I can get at understanding those needs the more effective I can be in helping myself and others. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Lisa, 2018

Bravo Ingrid Jolley and Openground! Thank you for your soothing and strengthening MBSR course. I’m feeling grounded, curious and hopeful about the future. I have the tools I need to lead an authentic, fulfilling life. 


Roz , 2018