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Connecting in this time of climate disruption.

1 day

Join us for a day of practice - making space for our responses and finding action

We feel moved to respond to the climate crisis by bringing meditators together to honour our collective emotional responses. From our experience, we feel that while we face uncertain times we can find refuge and courage in mindfulness practice in community. Furthermore, facing ongoing uncertainty requires a collective response, moving out of the individual paradigm of separate isolated self and into the vivid world of inter relatedness with all life forms. As an emergent process we will bear witness to whatever is arising in the moment in each other’s good company. ​

The day will be inspired by practices and perspectives offered by eco philosopher and Buddhist practitioner Joanna Macy, involving: meditation; pair work; journaling; activities in the big group; walking in the gardens; as well as some shared lunch. ​

Please bring a plate of vegetarian / gluten free food for shared lunch. As well a closed water bottle, hat, walking shoes and writing materials. 

As Canadian scientist Ashlee Cunsolo writes:
"When I was experiencing my own very severe ecological grief, one of the things that really helped me through was talking to the indigenous elders – having people to share with. It was a really amazing moment, because they talked about how grief isn’t something to avoid or be scared of. It’s certainly painful. It can be terribly isolating; it can be a really horrible experience. But if we come together, and we share our grief, and we share pain and emotions, there’s a real strength to that."

Thanks to Melbourne Centre for Mindfulness for supporting us by offering the hall free. 

East Melbourne 

22 March, 2020 | 10am - 4 pm
With Nique Murch and Ingrid Jolley



Are you concerned about climate change?

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The Good Ancestor

Every day I walk the hundred years to the hill where my great- great granddaughter sits.
I carry words of blessing and reach to touch her back.
But feeling me near she turns,
sad eyed and heavy with grief

“What was it like?”  she asks , ”when the great whales swam
 when the birds sang you awake
 when the rains came soft
 and the soil smelt sweet underfoot?”
And the blessings catch in my throat.

On darker days she turns,
her famished face charred
and eyes, sunk in their bony orbits, burned with curses.

And the blessings froth at my mouth
with the poisonous spume of betrayal.

On the darkest of all days I walk the hundred years
and find no one there.

Let today be the bright day.
Let today be the bright day I lay my hand upon her back
And, feeling me there she turns and blesses me,
saying  “Your love was fierce enough, sweet ancestor, your love was fierce enough.”

Daverick Leggett