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Mindfulness Workshops

Workshops are a wonderful way to deepen knowledge and experience of a particular area you are interested in. Enrol today to be nourished and informed.


All parts are welcome - befriending difficult bits

Sydney | 21 and 22 March

In this workshop, we will draw on the Internal Family Systems model and see how it can open up our meditation practice – making it more comprehensible and useful. You will get to know some habitual parts of yourself that arise in practice and in life, and to learn how to hear their story, and do some healing so that you can cultivate more authority and wise presence in life.

2 days

Connecting in this time of climate disruption

Sydney | 1 March 2020
Melbourne | 22 March 2020

Openground teachers are feeling moved to respond to the climate crisis by bringing meditators together to honour our emotional responses and find our way of living with these realities. The day will be inspired by practices and perspectives offered by eco-philosopher and Buddhist practitioner Joanna Macy.

1 day

Rick Hanson - PNT with Clinical Applications

Sydney | 16 - 19 November
Join NY Times bestselling author and psychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D. for this experiential 4-day workshop on using modern neuroscience to develop powerful inner resources - hardwired into the nervous system - to increase coping, happiness, and well-being.

4 days

Rick Hanson - Neurodharma

Sydney | 21 - 22 November
Throughout history, people have sought the heights of human potential—to become as wise and strong, happy and loving, as any person can ever be. And now, thanks to recent science, we’re finding how these remarkable ways of being are based on equally remarkable changes in our own nervous system.

2 days

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