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open awareness retreat

Spring Reflective Meditation Retreat

Letting openness and curiosity be our refuge
Wilton NSW
21 - 24 Nov, 2019

3 nights

Wilton, NSW | 21 - 24 Nov 2019 | $ Various

In this secular retreat, we will be emphasising being present to what arises in your meditation practice, without trying to focus on anything in particular. What arises then, is an intimate experience of seeing into how your mind operates moment to moment.  We will support this exploration by encouraging you to recollect your sittings through journalling and to explore this with a teacher individually or in small groups.  

Most likely you have a goal in mind when you practice.  You are free to work with concentration practice or more open awareness practice - and simply reflect actively on what arises as we go.  What is in your mind and heart matters and does not need to be separated out.  Much of the learning comes from your own recognition and insight rather than from an authority, tradition or any dogmatic thinking about meditation. 

The roots of this practice are to be found in the Buddha's early teachings and on are based on learning to trust ways of knowing that develop in meditation.  This enables you to be more trusting, responsive and present in your life.


We welcome long-term meditators, as well as newer meditators, and recent MBSR graduates who are new to our orientation towards meditation practice and retreats. Meditation teachers are also welcome. Mary and Linda both teach from a  trauma-sensitive mindfulness orientation so this retreat will feature choice and flexibility. The practice is person-centred, based on each individual’s experience of meditation.

This retreat will offer you a rare chance to develop a meditation practice without tension or constriction so that your practice can be allowing, creative and ultimately nourishing.


Rest and restore

The space, time, good food and setting will enable you to renew your connection to what is important to you.


Permissive Meditation Style

Try easeful, unforced, thoughtful meditation that combines mindfulness and reflection in order to reap personal benefit.


Deepen your mindfulness practice

Deepen your mindfulness practice Sustained, restful practice over the three days will deepen your sense of presence and focus.

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Dates and time

Thursday, Nov 21, 2019 at 4.30pm – Sunday, Nov 24, 2019 at 2 pm 

BK Illawarra meditation hall

Venue and Catering

Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre

Wilton, New South Wales (1.5 hours south of Sydney) 

Shared rooms with ensuites and delicious vegetarian cuisine will be provided.

wilton open awareness mindfulness


Standard Rate  
Supporting Rate 
Supported Rate
Single Rooms *FULLY BOOKED*
NB There is a wait list for more single rooms should they open up in early November.


Cancellation policy

Cancellations received up to or before 1 month before the event – the fee will be refunded less $110.
Cancellations received up to 10 working days before the event – 50% of the fee will be refunded.
Cancellations received 10 working days or less before the event – no refund will be made.

How to get there

One hour south of Sydney, the Centre is accessible by car and train. Picton railway station is 20 minutes away by car or taxi.



Linda Modaro - mindfulness meditation teacherLinda Modaro

I started "seeking" in my early twenties. Unsure what I was looking for, I experimented with many eastern practices and landed in traditional Chinese medicine studying and teaching Qi Gong, Tai Ji and Acupuncture for over fifteen years. Taoist philosophy led to Buddhist philosophy and psychology after a near death experience in 1998, and changed the course of my spiritual practice, teaching, and work with others. I trained and worked closely with the teachers in the Skillful Meditation Project and Recollective Awareness Meditation, put together by Jason Siff. Eventually, I had to leave the SMP home, and founded Sati Sangha so that I could continue teaching Buddhadharma and Reflective Meditation. Thirty years of listening, observing, teaching and being taught by patients and students; traveling to China, Nepal, Iran, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada integrating aspects of their cultures. I try to hold this all lightly, yet I cannot deny the sense of having ‘a calling’ rather than a job.

mary mcintyre copyMary McIntyre

Mary McIntyre B.A .(Bus), Dip. Couns, Cert Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work, Cert IV Architecture, MACA II, Associate of Openground
My encounter with regular meditation practice began in earnest in 1989 after reading books and pursuing the esoteric and mystical as a young adult. I attended several retreats in Plum Village in France in the Vietnamese Mahayana tradition (Thich Nhat Hanh) and found a home in the simplicity. I soon left Europe for Sri Lanka and stayed for there seven years where I explored Theravadan and Western Insight traditions before emigrating to Australia in 2003 . I am interested in many aspects of meditation and have delved into different styles with a preference for the pragmatic, natural and unforced attitudes inherent in trauma-sensitive mindfulness. Brisbane is my home now working as trauma psychotherapist/counsellor/ teaching supervisor. I offer MBSR courses and co-lead silent retreats around the country.



What is a secular retreat?

NEW watercolour

Secular means "of our age". 

We offer retreats that are open to people of any and no faith. Our retreats are informed by both ancient knowledge and contemporary understandings about human flourishing, including scientific findings about health and well-being. Mindfulness is a natural human capacity and does not belong to any one tradition.

Jon Kabat-Zinns development of the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course has been very influential in mainstreaming mindfulness as a helpful approach to living our lives. In doing this, Jon drew on the very practical teachings of the Buddha, which describe experiences that are shared by all humans, and combined these with modern understandings on stress physiology, learning and communication.

We bring an interest in the the fields of neuroscience and psychology which continue to expand our understandings of how to live a fulfilling life with less struggle, and to make links to practical teachings that have existed for thousands of years.

Our retreats makes the practical learning from Buddhism, as well as modern science, available in an ordinary, secular and accessible way that is applicable in your everyday life.