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mindfulness shake the dust

Shake the Dust

Shake the Dust is a six-session mindfulness group for people who have completed an Openground MBSR course, or who already have some basic mindfulness practice under their belts (MBCT, MiCBT or equivalent).

6 weeks

Shake the Dust will offer you the opportunity to continue to grow in your mindfulness practice - through revising some basics and offering new perspectives too.  

Drawing on Internal Family Systems (IFS), we will work a little more deeply and psychologically to learn more about the parts of ourselves that arise under challenge, and how to support them to become more resilient, open and mature. (IFS is an evidence-based, non-pathologising approach to human experience. It naturally supports the cultivation of awareness and compassion in an intelligent, empowering and skilful way.)

Through lectures, exercises, meditations and sharing in the group we will strengthen our capacity for presence and responsiveness to what matters most in our lives.

Course topics:

Week 1: Tuning in or tuning out?
Week 2: Embodied awareness
Week 3: Exploring our parts ~ introduction to IFS
Week 4: All parts are welcome ~ exploring more deeply
Week 5: Broadening awareness
Day of Mindfulness: Practice immersion



Mindfulness skills

Strengthen your skills and deepen your understanding


Build confidence

Learn how to listen and care for parts of yourself that are emotionally challenging.


Connect and grow

Connect with your tender and courageous heart with the support of your teacher and fellow participants

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Why is this course called Shake the Dust?

The course is inspired by and named after a poem by the extraordinary poet – Anis Mojgani. You can watch Anis perform Shake the Dust below. Here’s a sample:

So, grab this world by its clothespins
And shake it out again and again
And jump on top and take it for a spin
And when you hop off shake it again
For this is yours, this is yours.

So when the world knocks at your front door
Clutch the knob tightly and open on up
And run forward and far into its widespread, greeting arms
With your hands outstretched before you
Fingertips trembling, though they may be.

Shake the Dust by Anis Mojgani


feature aboutus

I want to say thank you for the Shake the Dust course - which was a great consolidation to bring me back into the fold (after 7 years)! I have been meditating pretty much daily since - and feeling the effects in my life quite profoundly in not reacting to situations. Very empowering.

  • What will be doing in Shake the Dust?

    Shake the Dust is an opportunity to get you back into the habit of meditating every day and also go a bit deeper into various aspects of the practice and theory of mindfulness meditation. It will run very much like an MSBR class - with opportunity to practice, explore your experience in the group and with the teacher, and with specific teaching around certain topics - so you will be adding to your repertoire of practice.

  • How will we use Internal Family Systems?

    In some of the sessions we will actively draw on the empowering method of Internal Family Systems (IFS) to support your practice and to explore stuck points that come up in meditation (and in life!)  IFS is an evidence-based, non-pathologizing approach to human experience that welcomes the complex multi-faceted experience of being. It naturally supports the cultivation of awareness and compassion in an intelligent, empowering and skilful way.

Why Learn with Openground?

Personal attention and skilled teaching

Practicing mindfulness with an experienced teacher simply can’t be compared with just using a meditation app. We know from experience that most people who use mindfulness apps, or try mindfulness programs without a properly trained teacher, simply don’t continue to practice.

The benefits of learning with a skilled instructor are countless. We take a genuine, personal approach, and our highly trained, experienced, and dedicated teachers go the extra mile to help you engage with your practice in ways that can bring real transformation to your life.

Evidence-based transformation

MBSR is an authentic, evidence-based program of mindfulness training, grounded in 39 years of research. Unlike many shorter mindfulness courses, which have no evidence of benefit, MBSR is globally recognised as the gold standard for mental and physical health in the field.

Eight weeks of MBSR training and practice can lead to measurable changes in the areas of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress, as well as improved immune response. 

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Real value

Our immersive, eight-week courses include 28 hours of personal mindfulness training. Many short courses only give you a taste of mindfulness, and are actually more expensive than MBSR on an hourly rate basis. Our courses offer significant value, and we can also arrange serious discounts if you need a helping hand.

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MBSR Australia wide

NSW - Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong
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Openground for all

We know how beneficial mindfulness is, and so we do our best to help people  access our courses. Openground offers course discounts wherever possible to people experiencing hardship or special circumstances – ranging from financial constraints to chronic pain or other complex needs. Talk to us if you are a current Health Care Card holder, or are experiencing genuine financial difficulty.

Significant early bird rates are also offered for our courses in some locations.