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Mindfulness Courses Sydney

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week foundational mindfulness training which is evidence-based, practical and empowering.

What is this mindfulness course about and is it for me?

Developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, the MBSR course is an engaged program in mind and body training equipping you with tools for greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges and stressors. MBSR is for any one and we welcome people from all walks of life. Specifically, the practices and exercises explored in this course offer tangible methods for interrupting cycles of stress reactivity as well as providing a context for bringing life choices into perspective and reflecting on these in a structured way. If this resonates, MBSR is for you. 

Offered in this MBSR course:

  • an initial individual session with your teacher via phone call
  • eight weekly classes (2.5 hour duration) held for 8 weeks
  • one full day of mindfulness retreat from 9am - 4pm on Sunday after session 5 or 6 of the course at Prince Henry Centre, Little Bay
  • mindfulness meditation and body awareness training
  • tools for investigating and transforming engrained habits and patterns of thinking
  • teachings on theory and group discussions
  • specifically tailored individual guidance and support
  • guided audio and practices
  • access to a community of practitioners and the latest in scientific findings on mindfulness and neuroscience
  • the Openground MBSR app available on your Smart Phone or Tablet for guided meditations and a high quality course book.
  • being in a group of between 12 and 25 people between the ages 18 and 100 years old – who are all interested in learning and growing.  

What are the advantages of learning mindfulness?

With a backing of over forty years of rigorous evidence-based research, the mindfulness trainings specific to this program are known to:

  • improve mental and emotional functioning
  • support a more balanced nervous system
  • increase focus and attention
  • improve sleep, overall ease and wellbeing
  • decrease symptoms of negative thinking, fatigue, poor concentration, muscle pain, and emotional reactivity
  • clarify goals, priorities and life purpose

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction can help with physical health improving chronic pain management relative to usual treatment. Evidence shows MBSR participants experience improved mental health with reductions in anxiety, depression, and PTST symptoms. Eight week Mindfulness Based Programs can also improve cognition and mood by improving attention-related outcomes (e.g., sustained attention, working memory) and affective outcomes (e.g., reducing rumination).

Mindfulness-based stress reduction will teach you to:

  • Redirect your focus away from the spiral of worry
  • Experience a calmer nervous system, day by day
  • Explore difficult emotions without analysing, suppressing or drowning in them
  • Explore how your mind works and how to intervene in patterns that constrict you in your life
  • Face your fears and take direct action in line with your values
  • Open to the good things in your life

Learn to live in the present, becoming more aware of your thought patterns. Calm your nervous system, soothing your body and mind. Learn how to live more on-purpose, reducing reactivity and negative self-talk. Understand the effects of chronic stress, and improve your focus, your productivity and your relationships.

What sort of commitment is involved?

In order to get the most out of this course it is necessary to really jump in. Just like undertaking training in a sport or musical instrument, to notice the benefits of mindfulness requires practice and regularity. Enrolling in this course means a commitment to dedicating time for daily homework mindfulness meditation practice between 30 and 45 minutes six days a week (in addition to the weekly classes and day-long retreat). 

You might ask yourself: am I ready to really give myself to this? To fully dive in is the most reliable approach for discovering new possibilities and creating lasting change right from the centre of your own life.

Pricing and Scholarship places - reflecting on your need

  • Standard Rate $695 — if you can afford to pay the full fee
  • And we are delighted to offer discounted places for those who need  financial support to come along.  

If you have access to some financial security: through income, assets (savings, shares, property) and/or superannuation income we ask you to pay the full fee (or do a payment plan) as we need your support! 

If you are in financial need: unemployed, on a disability, have an illness, or are a student (with no support from parents) or have other financially stressful circumstances please be in touch to get a scholarship place.

Openground is a registered charity and your donation allows us to provide life-enhancing training to those experiencing financial hardship to alleviate distress and build resilience, empowering people to access their own strengths, clarity and wisdom.


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It is hard to verbalise the surprisingly profound impact this experience (so much more than a course) has had on me. It has been so complete—spiritually, emotionally, professionally and intellectually.

Mindfulness Courses in Sydney




Neutral Bay

Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre
Community Room, Waverley Park, Bondi Road, NSW, 2026
Tuesday - 6:30 - 9pm
Friday - 10am - 12:30 pm
Elysian Holistic Centre
66 Clark Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2060
Thursday - 6:30 - 9pm




The Buddhist Library: 90 Church St, Camperdown
Monday - 6:30 - 9pm

Stanmore House: 97 Cambridge St, Stanmore NSW 2048
Tuesday - 6:30 - 9pm




The Tramshed Arts and Community Centre: 1395A Pittwater Road, Narrabeen NSW 2101
Wednesday - 6:30 - 9pm


Why learn with Openground?

Timothea Goddard - Practice mindfulness with an experienced teacher

Personal attention and skilled teaching

Learning mindfulness with an experienced teacher can’t be compared with using an app. We take a genuine, personal approach and our highly trained and dedicated teachers go the extra mile to help you engage with your practice in ways that can bring real transformation.

brain waves - evidence based mindfulness training

Evidence-based transformation

MBSR is an authentic, evidence-based program of mindfulness training, grounded in 39 years of research. Unlike many shorter mindfulness courses, which have no evidence of benefit, MBSR is globally recognised as the gold standard for mental and physical health in the field.

Best Mindfulness Course

Excellent value

Our immersive, eight-week courses include 28 hours of personal mindfulness training. Many short courses only give you a taste of mindfulness, and are actually more expensive than MBSR on an hourly rate basis. Our courses offer significant value, and we can also arrange serious discounts if you need a helping hand.

Mindfulness Course Discounts
Openground for all

We do like to offer discounts to Health Care card holders and others in genuine financial difficulty (eg for those with disability, unemployment, chronic pain, students with very little support from their parents, or other constricting circumstances). To keep the books balanced, we appreciate you paying the full fee if you can afford it! In some locations you can book in early to get a significant early bird rate.

Mindfulness Sydney Courses
Sydney Courses

Join one of our Sydney mindfulness courses in Neutral Bay, Bondi, Stanmore and Camperdown. Can't find a location near you? Try our Live-online MBSR course.



Introductory Courses

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