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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training - Perth

What is this mindfulness course for? 

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course is an 8-week program run in countries around the globe and specifically designed to transform- on an embodied level- the way we respond to stress. Through bringing together knowledge and practice from both eastern and western traditions, this unique and evidence-based course offers a structured and supportive path for integrating greater balance, ease, meaning and direction into our everyday lives. 

In this course you will explore:

  • stress physiology and how to work with it 
  • interrupting loops of stress reactivity in daily life  
  • how to use time more effectively 
  • interrupting patterns of self-criticism and negative thinking 
  • reflecting on challenges with greater clarity and perspective 
  • developing decision-making skills 
  • exploring softening towards ourselves and others 
  • finding your own centre in the face of challenges  

What is involved? 

When you sign up for the MBSR course you will begin with an individual phone session with your teacher in order to better understand your 
interest in the program and clarify how your practice might be best supported. Once we begin, the 8-week course involves: 
  • weekly 2.5 hour group classes and a one day silent retreat 
  • hatha yoga and body awareness training 
  • theory delivered in class lectures and extra inspirations to support your practice 
  • one-on-one guidance and support from your teacher 
  • an app with guided audio and coursebook to support your learning 
  • inclusion into a diverse community of practitioners and access to ongoing resources, events and the latest findings on mindfulness and neuroscience 
In addition to these elements, the MBSR course also demands a willingness and motivation to engage fully in the practice. Like other types of training, mindfulness can only become rooted in our own being and lives when we engage it, practicing and returning to it regularly. Therefore, the capacity and commitment to undertaking the daily homework is fundamental to this course.

What does mindfulness do? 

According to the 40-year body of research associated specifically with this course, engaging in regular mindfulness practice: 
  • fosters a greater sense of ease, satisfaction, joy and connection in life 
  • interrupts patterns of stress reactivity 
  • cultivates lasting inner resources of restorative equilibrium 
  • improves sleep, overall health and immune function 
  • decreases the physical and psychological symptoms of stress in ways that last 
  • increases energy and productivity 
  • increases focus, concentration and the capacity for creative problem solving  

Practicing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) can significantly improve chronic pain management compared to usual treatments. Research has shown that those who take part in MBSR often experience better mental health, with reductions in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Additionally, eight-week mindfulness programs can enhance cognitive and emotional well-being by improving attention-related capabilities (such as sustained attention and working memory) and decreasing rumination.

Pricing and Scholarship places

  • Standard Rate $695
  • And we are delighted to offer discounted places for those who need  financial support to come along.  

If you have access to some financial security: through income, assets (savings, shares, property) and/or superannuation income we ask you to pay the full fee (or do a payment plan) as we need your support! 

If you are in financial need: unemployed, on a disability, have an illness, or are a student (with no support from parents) or have other financially stressful circumstances please be in touch to get a scholarship place.

"I can't recommend the 8 week mindfulness course enough. It is fantastic to learn the techniques while being with a group, as it felt like a learning journey together. I can already see my reactions to situations have changed as a result."

Where can I do an MBSR course in Perth?


LeisureFit Melville: 431 Canning Highway, Melville, corner of Canning Highway and Stock Road, Melville
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There is a bus stop at the door and wheelchair access.

Meet our Perth Mindfulness Teacher

Karen Haddon

GCMan, AdvDipBus, GCGov, CertIVFS, CertIVBowen, CertIVCom, MBSR(MTIA)

Karen is passionate about bringing mindfulness into the world and draws on her long experience with people in the corporate, small business and not-for-profit sectors in her MBSR teaching. She brings vitality, curiosity and caring to her classes and has the skills to enthuse and support people in their mindfulness training. Karen has practiced meditation and yoga for over 20 years and is qualified as an MBSR teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute. She is strongly committed to helping others in finding the most relevant way for them to integrate mindfulness into their personal and professional lives and draws inspiration from the transformations she sees in each person as they begin their own mindfulness practice.

A strong advocate for the benefits of mindfulness for young people, Karen has qualified to teach four internationally recognised programs: MBSR for Teens, MiSP.B, Mindful Schools and MindUp.

Karen spends her days immersed in sharing the benefits and practices of mindfulness with those who attend her MBSR classes, with educators in Primary and Secondary schools, teens in both schools and in her community MBSR-T program, with workplace teams and this year has worked with three of WA’s top sports teams introducing them to mindfulness in sport.

Why learn with Openground?

Timothea Goddard - Practice mindfulness with an experienced teacher

Personal attention and skilled teaching

Learning mindfulness with an experienced teacher can’t be compared with using an app. We take a genuine, personal approach and our highly trained and dedicated teachers go the extra mile to help you engage with your practice in ways that can bring real transformation.

brain waves - evidence based mindfulness training

Evidence-based transformation

MBSR is an authentic, evidence-based program of mindfulness training, grounded in 39 years of research. Unlike many shorter mindfulness courses, which have no evidence of benefit, MBSR is globally recognised as the gold standard for mental and physical health in the field.

Best Mindfulness Course

Excellent value

Our immersive, eight-week courses include 28 hours of personal mindfulness training. Many short courses only give you a taste of mindfulness, and are actually more expensive than MBSR on an hourly rate basis. Our courses offer significant value, and we can also arrange serious discounts if you need a helping hand.

Mindfulness Course Discounts
Openground for all

We do like to offer discounts to Health Care card holders and others in genuine financial difficulty (eg for those with disability, unemployment, chronic pain, students with very little support from their parents, or other constricting circumstances). To keep the books balanced, we appreciate you paying the full fee if you can afford it! In some locations you can book in early to get a significant early bird rate.

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