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Mindfulness programs for the impacts of trauma

Feel more safety, connection and confidence

"Trauma is a fact of life. It does not however, have to be a life sentence."

Peter Levine, Trauma Expert

We recognise that unexpected and unthinkable things can happen to all of us - which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and at a loss of how to cope. Our trauma-informed programs are designed to complement your existing therapy or support system, providing you with invaluable tools to navigate the complexities of your healing process.

Our Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course will support you to feel a sense of safety and stabilisation again by retraining your nervous system with an experienced teacher and supportive group of others also traversing a similar path.

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“Thank you for allowing me to learn these skills. As someone who suffers from crippling PTSD, I recommend this course to any[one] who suffers. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”


John, participant




Retraining the nervous system

Trauma disrupts our attention, so that we are constantly on alert for danger or withdrawing and shutting down to avoid overwhelm. Mindfulness group training offers a vital new pathway for the cultivation of safety and the building of renewed attention and connection. This fresh attention can then be used now - to build energy, to nourish oneself, to learn, to make connections with family and friends. Learn more about the nervous system via this informative video.

You are not alone

You will be supported by the relationship with the teacher and by the group. And there is no need to share your trauma story or history. Much of the transformation comes by way of practice; you can work with the teacher to find practices that help you to find more calmness, non-reactivity and clarity. This course is designed to complement your existing therapy or support system, providing you with invaluable tools to navigate the complexities of your healing process. 



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“I am calmer. I am slower (much) to anger. I have more patience. I pause before almost anything. I give better hearing/listening to my children and my Mum. I am able to be less critical (internally and verbally). I like who I am more.”


Jane, participant




MBSR for Veterans and their families

Our team has been offering MBSR for veterans over the past four years with good results. Here is some of what some one of our participants shared after completing the course:

“An astoundingly beneficial course. If I could I would swap the mental care I had in service to give this mindfulness training to every recruit at the beginning, during, and at the end of their career it has been THAT significantly positive to my health and outlook and safety to myself and others around me.”


“I have learnt to 'read' my bodies reactions and not be so reactive, my response to kids behaviour is far more positive and therefore having a much calmer flow on effect. However when grief takes hold, I let it run its course, crying but not losing my 'shit'.”
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