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Befriend your mind

Evidence based mindfulness programs for mental health


"Fortunately, the human psyche, like human bones,
is strongly inclined towards self-healing."

John Bowlby

Mindfulness changes how we pay attention and leads to greater awareness. Then we are free to make different choices  influencing various aspects of our mental, emotional, and behavioural wellbeing.

Our evidence-based mindfulness programs are so different from using an app or  doing a quick workshop. Instead of just relaxation, you'll develop curiosity, reduce reactivity to thoughts and emotions, and learn to interrupt unhelpful patterns, enhancing your ability to tackle life's challenges.


“Understanding mindfulness has changed my life.”

Lee-Anne, participant




We offer programs to address:

Anxiety and/or depression

The impacts of trauma

Illness and Pain

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“​​My mindset has shifted…I feel I’m capable of handling setbacks and I have a deeper appreciation of the importance of being kind to myself. I’m less reactive, and this has helped reduce my stress levels and allowed me the space to pause before I communicate with others. After the day of mindfulness, that's when I noticed the most significant change. It made me realise the huge benefit of long practices.”


Christine, participant


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“[The MBSR] course has the ability to change lives. You’ll gain far greater insight into yourself than you ever thought possible. [It] allowed me to stop and pause, to meet my Self and to take the time to listen with curiosity and compassion rather than pushing my needs aside or casting self-judgement.” 


Emerson, participant


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