How inspiring is this project with Mindful in May?!

How inspiring is this project with Mindful in May?!

Not only is it a motivation to practice in a sustained way but also an opportunity to spend time with a wonderful bunch of mindfulness teachers and to continue to cultivate our own steadiness, well-being and compassion. We also get to do something for our world and the people who live in it who don’t share in the good fortune of safe drinking water.

Through this project in the next month, we can make a real difference for those 10% of humans on this planet who shockingly don’t have clean water to drink and cook with. Pragmatically what this means is that many people are spending valuable time in their lives in back-breaking work lugging water in plastic containers rather than being involved in growing food, studying, creating and sharing in community and family life.

It also means that on a daily basis many people are risking illness from water that is unsafe to drink. This has huge repercussions for communities in terms of ongoing threat of sickness for kids and adults, but also time spent away from productive work and nurture of children.

For many, the practice of mindfulness seems to open us up to a more empathic, open-hearted inquiry in to the experience of the 'other' and to see them, not as an instrument to be used but as a person to be honoured. We recognise more vividly that we are all in the same boat - all stressed, all wanting to find a way to thrive and participate in life – no matter where we live. If we only use our mindfulness practice to feel better personally maybe we are having a very small view of what is possible through this method.

I heard Jon Kabat-Zinn talk about the state of our social/policital/economic structures in a talk the other day. He was using the metaphor of the health of the body to talk about the world we are in with many people having access to a great deal of the wealth and the vast majority having access to so little. If our body-politic was a human body, can you imagine the situation if the liver decided it wanted to sequester all the resources for itself, so that the lungs and brain and digestive system were starved and depleted?

We live in a global environment and we have seen and continue to witness the problems that arise when one nation thrives at the expense of another, or a business thrives at the expense of its workforce, or a company thrives at the expense of the natural resources on which we all depend. The reality is that how we organise our workplaces, use our resources and structure our economy affects and depends on what is happening all over the globe. 'Business as usual' may not be a way forward.

And yet even thinking about these issues can feel overwhelming. How can we possibly add anything to our already busy lives? We all care about these things, but also can feel so pushed with all our responsibilities that we feel we don’t have any more capacity to do anything right now or don’t know how to start. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed bad, guilty, or irritated. We then usually avoid or defer these issues and want to attend to what is immediate and achievable here and now.

What Elise and the Mindful in May team offer us is a pragmatic, satisfying action to take – for ourselves and others. Sign up today and change the world and your own precious mind.

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