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Our predicament

23 April 2024 | , Timothea Goddard

"A an inextricable, irreversible and complex situeation for which there are no solutions, just measures for adapting to it.  This is true of incurable diseases which in the absence of “solutions” oblige us to take paths, not always easy, that allow us to live with them.  Faced with a predicament, there are things we can do, but there are no solutions.”

How Things Can Collapse, Pablo Servigne , Raphaël Stevens, Andrew Brown

I like this word because it frees me of the relentless, habitual railing against reality that I do when things are unpleasant.  If I am in a predicament, it brings some sense of seriousness to it. And it also reminds me that the first steps to wise action, are recognising, allowing, and investigating. It stops me flailing about and rushing into “solutions” that are a bit hollow and not grounded in reality.  
In the MSBR program, you will be offered a systematic, step by step approach of practice and theory to support you in meeting predicaments in your life – even big ones like facing illness, uncertainty and feelings of powerlessness.
MSBR can provide some basic psychological skills to listen deeply to oneself and respond with wisdom, instead of habits. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a brilliant, accessible and user friendly way to make space for this learning in the direction of supporting and meeting predicaments in your life. It is available Australia-wide and with good discounts for those in need. MBSR is not the flakey stuff. It is demanding and purposeful in bringing the skills of mindfulness and applying them to the immediate concerns of your life. 
Come and join us for the next course. You won't regret it!

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Timothea Goddard
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