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Build your resilience through MBSR

16 April 2024 | , Timothea Goddard

Building resilience

In response to difficult experience, it is natural for us to shut down on feeling emotions and on experiences in life. Our response to this shutting down can cause anxiety or depression.

Mindfulness meditation training with a dedicated teacher (as opposed to an app) can help us digest the past, so we are not caught in automatic patterns of fear, withdrawal and cynicism.

How does it work?

In an evidence-based program like MBSR, change happens through:

Calming the body and nervous system

    • You will learn how to calm down and balance your nervous system through regular trauma-informed practice
    • Most people start to feel a little more calm and groundedness after a few weeks of practice

Emotional awareness

  • You will get more familiar with your own emotions and how to accept, explore and transform them
  • This can be exciting - to start to listen to your emotions as legitimate signals, rather than as a problem

Perspective on thoughts

  • Being able to reflect on our thoughts and beliefs is liberating.
  • Many people also develop more concentration and clarity, and less rigidity in their beliefs and attitudes 

Engaging with your values

  • Making time for reflection about what matters to you is precious and can lead to surprising insights.
  • This often opens up more choice about how you want to live

Changing your behaviour

  • In MBSR we get to experiment with small changes in our behaviour which can lead to bigger shifts in life
  • After all, meditation is not navel-gazing; it is to nourish and inform our actual lives

In this course, you are supported to access and develop your own strengths and wisdom, so more choices open up, here and now.

Come and join us!

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Timothea Goddard
Australian Centre for Mindfulness