Come and experience the “real McCoy” of down-to-earth, accessible and transformative mindfulness courses with Openground.

We offer foundational training to get you started, ongoing practice groups and advanced graduate courses to help sustain and develop your skills.

Foundational Courses

Distance mindfulness training

A distance course with a difference.

We offer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction by Distance Education and we think you will find it quite different to other online options. We believe that mindfulness training is not well-served by a "one size fits all" online model and is best done through a relationship with a teacher.
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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Break cycles of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction brings the principles of mindfulness meditation into everyday life by teaching specific skills and practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break cycles of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.
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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Getting unstuck from depression and anxiety

MBCT is an adaptation of MBSR and focuses on specific patterns of negative thinking that people with depression and anxiety are vulnerable to. With help from the teacher, the group and the mindfulness training, you will develop proactive ways of getting unstuck from old patterns of relating to yourself, your energy, work and other people.
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Mindfulness Based Parenting

“Calm your farm” and help your kids behave

This eight-week program will help you improve your relationships with your children by understanding and responding wisely to your child's difficult behaviours. It is solidly based on recent research about how kids and parents thrive.
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Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Building healthier, stronger, wiser minds

We are delighted to again host the renowned neuro-psychologist and long-time Buddhist practitioner Dr Rick Hanson to Australia in 2018. He will be offering his accessible and engaging experiential trainings for the general public, as well as presenting a the inaugural Australian Meditation conference.
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Mindfulness for Teens

Grow more emotional resilience and choice

MBSR-T is an engaging 8 Week course in living mindfully for teens, incorporating educational activities and the practice of skills for bringing mindfulness into their everyday lives. They’ll participate in group activities, meditations, yoga and more.
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Graduate Courses

Living with Wisdom and Compassion

An eight-week program for deepening your mindfulness journey

This program will revitalise your mindfulness practice, stimulate your curiosity about your inner life and build skills and practices which can be transformative within yourself and in relationships with others.
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Mindfulness Practice Groups - online LIVE

Connect and grow your practice

In this six week program, we will offer a theme each week, and practice together, followed by some time for exploring our practice and lives - just as we do in MBSR. This practice group is an alive, personalised, responsive, real-time engagement between the teacher, the participants and the practice.
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Mindfulness Practice Groups

Rest and renew in good company

It can be hard to keep up a regular mindfulness practice by yourself! There are different options available in different states.
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