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Openground offers tailored trainings that are engaging, informative and practical.  Whether your interest is in increasing performance and effectiveness, reducing stress, or building resilience, empathy and emotional intelligence, team building or leadership development, we can deliver trainings appropriate to the theme.  

Mindfulness training possibilities

Training in mindfulness is different to an introduction to mindfulness.  Just as an exercise promotion workshop needs to be followed by the actual exercise to be of benefit, an introduction to mindfulness needs to be followed up by actual mindfulness practice to bring the benefits to individuals and the organisations they serve.  Otherwise it remains just another good idea.

Our offerings are built around a well-researched core of interventions. There have been thousands of scientific papers published that attest to the value of the eight week mindfulness training course – which is our gold standard as the neurobiological and other evidence-based research refers to outcomes of eight week training programs.  However we can tailor our core program to suit your context, your culture and your time resource including shorter courses, introductory workshops, bespoke programs and retreats and individual mindfulness training/leadership coaching.

In addition to being motivated by succinct and relevant scientific information, you will get tools and processes that you can immediately use. These programs are guaranteed to create a positive attitude and sense of optimism in your workplace.


  Mindfulness training courses

Finding Peace Program

This program is a concise, user-friendly and very accessible adaptation of the renowned MSBR program (on which most of the evidence about mindfulness is based).  It was attended by almost 200 UK Parliamentarians and 80 of their staff to date. Thought leader and founder of this program Professor Mark Williams has endorsed Openground in bringing this program to business and government in Australia.  

This program brings the principles of mindfulness into everyday life by teaching specific skills and practices that address real-world situations. Our experience is that through this structure of weekly meetings with peers and a teacher, and engaging in practice and reflection, participants actually change their behaviour, not just learn about how they might change it.  It provides individuals with the personal insights and tools to become more focussed, productive, happier, healthier and resilient in work and life.

The impacts of  the UK Parliamentarian program are held in such high regard that The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was formed and after more than a year of research and inquiry, including eight hearings in Parliament, The Mindful Nation 2015 report was released which makes substantive recommendations as to how mindfulness can improve wellbeing and help meet objectives across multiple policy areas with a focus on the workplace, healthcare, education and criminal justice systems. We can also adapt this program into a more condensed format if needed.


   Two-day intensive 

While training over several weeks is the most effective way of introducing mindfulness into a busy life, sometimes a two day intensive - followed by workplace based practice groups - is warranted. This format can meet certain needs - for example when people are travelling from afar to attend a program or when there are large numbers involved. Our two-day intensive is very competitive with the multinational programs on offer, as we have the flexibility that comes with having a large base of trained teachers here and lower overheads .

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One-on-one mindfulness training

We also offer one-on-one mindfulness training to individuals whose circumstance requires this.

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  Want a quick fix?

Most of us busy humans don't like it but change takes take time. Mindfulness is everywhere lately and there are lots of promises of a quick fix. Mindfulness is not just a good idea or a simple set of cognitive techniques but involves changing habits of mind and body. Change happens through practice and the evidence suggests that eight weeks provides the time for new cognitive, emotional, neurological and behavioural changes to become embedded. Our experience is that practice is most effectively developed in a sustainable manner when there is an ongoing personal relationship with a teacher who really knows their stuff.

The group context offers opportunities for learning in terms of interpersonal communication within the organisation and changes in organisational culture that “app-based” methods do not.

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