The leadership challenge


We’ve never experienced a more demanding, fast-paced and complex environment for leaders. To thrive as a leader in the 21st-century requires unprecedented leadership capacity and delivery.   Mindfulness training can provide a foundation for a new model of leadership bringing benefits at the physical, emotional and cognitive levels as well as enhancing motivation and vision.  




Many leaders are struggling in the face of today’s challenges, with studies showing that Mindset Failure is the key reason that leaders fail: Mindset Failure (n). The gap between a leader’s Mental Complexity and Emotional Intelligence – and the environment they lead in. A perfect storm of increasing complexity, accelerating change, and constant uncertainty is upon on us…and it’s here to stay! Everything is interconnected. The world needs leaders who can deal with constant ambiguity, notice the key patterns amongst the noise, and look at the world through multiple stakeholder perspectives.



A new model of leadership 

To develop and embody these leadership qualities, a new model of learning called Vertical Development has been identified by Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge as:


The #1 leadership challenge needed globally for the next ten years.


What is vertical development?

Vertical Development is the emerging area of leadership training. It is being used in a growing number of leading organisations as well as by Olympic and professional athletes: 

Vertical vs Horizontal




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