Why Openground?


Less hype.  More traction.  

There has been a rapid proliferation of different mindfulness-based offerings in Australia as mindfulness practice emerges as a highly beneficial process for improving well-being, engagement and effectiveness.  

For over a decade, Openground has been offering quality, competitive and flexible mindfulness interventions drawing on an experienced team of teachers across Australia. We can address all levels of training needs in business and government - from frontline workers to executives and leaders. 

Our training programs are renowned for being inspiring, accessible and effective as -

  they are grounded in both the science and the wisdom traditions that underpin this work;

   we empower people to do enough practice to actually make a difference; and

   all our teachers have in-depth training and abide by the International Good Practice standards.  They embody mindfulness practice as a central pillar of teaching, rather than just being able to talk about it.

Openground's work is built around a well-researched core of interventions (springing from the US, UK and Europe) which have developed over the past 30 years and we have strong links to world leaders in the field.  We highly value the science of mindfulness but understand that however exciting and motivating the science can be, it is the practice that makes the difference - to the person and the organisation.  We understand a lot about helping people transform their unhelpful cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns by co-creating the optimal conditions for people to explore, learn and grow.


What we offer

We would be delighted to collaborate with you in designing something that doesn't just tick the boxes but actually meets your needs and are happy to provide a detailed proposal.





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