Mindfulness - the bigger picture


There's a revolution that needs to happen and
it sits inside each one of us.
We need to wake up and fall in love with the earth.
           Our personal and collective happiness depends on it.

Thich Nhat Hahn


Mindfulness and the world

Many of us first come to a practice of mindfulness meditation to attend to our own stress or distress. And through some practice we discover that our relationship with this suffering changes. We discover that we can get less resistant and reactive to our experience leading to more equanimity. A greater sense of freedom can arise and it can liberate our innate human capacities for occupying our own authority, seeing things more clearly and finding our own wise action in response.

Our practice also seems to open us up to a more empathic, open-hearted inquiry in to the experience of the 'other' - whoever they may be in our lives and to see them, not as an instrument to be used but as a person to be honoured.  We recognise more vividly that we are all in the same boat - all stressed, all wanting to find a way to thrive and participate in life.  

And yet we face a dilemma. We live in a market economy largely (although not solely) driven by the profit motive. This has a number of benefits, not the least being the provision of many livelihoods which provide for the needs of people. However without awareness and consideration of the bigger picture, it can also lead to less than desirable outcomes, which ultimately also affect us all. For example, we live in a global environment and we have seen and continue to witness the problems that arise when one nation thrives at the expense of another, or a business thrives at the expense of its workforce, or a company thrives at the expense of the natural resources on which we all depend. The reality is that how we organise our workplaces, use our resources and structure our economy affects and depends on what is happening all over the globe. 'Business as usual' may not be a way forward.

And yet even thinking about these issues can feel overwhelming. How can we possibly add anything to our already busy lives? We all care about these things, but also can feel so pushed with all our responsibilities that we feel we don’t have any more capacity to do anything right now or don’t know how to start. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed bad, guilty, or irritated. We then usually avoid or defer these issues and want to attend to what is immediate and achievable here and now.

How do we begin to use our practice to widen our circle of concern to include others and to take different kinds of actions towards more equity in the world?

We are interested  in creating some community events that can help us turn towards these difficulties together in a way that we feel not just the overwhelm, but more nourished, connected and empowered to act in ways that make a difference and express our values together. 

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Mindfulness meditation not only changes the way we relate to thoughts and emotions on an individual basis; it has the capacity to change the way we relate to abstract values on a spreadsheet and revolutionise the way things are done.

Mark Leonard


What People Are Saying

I gained a lot from this course! I would definitely recommend it to friends and already have. I hadn’t been feeling ‘myself’ at the start of the course, and hadn’t been for almost a year. I had long term RSI which has gotten better in the 8 weeks – not 100% yet, but better than 6-8 months of physio beforehand! I feel myself again, and friends and work colleagues have noticed I seem happier, less stressed and I feel able to cope with stresses easier.

Tracey, 2017

Inner strength, confidence through knowing myself better, a more positive view of my future knowing that all I need is to turn into my pain and remember it will pass

Anna, 2016

It has definitely changed relationships in my life. Also it has helped me deal with confrontation a lot better. It has helped me become a lot more task focussed and given me the skill to see where my mind often wanders and why it goes to certain places. Loved the course and would recommend it to everyone.

Lacee, 2015

The course has made me feel a lot calmer in a busy life. It has reminded me to stop and smell the roses. It has taught me that awareness – is just that – not complicated! That meditation is not about stopping all thoughts but acknowledging them and letting them pass and then focussing back on the here and now.

Lisa 2016

It is hard to verbalise the surprisingly profound impact this experience (so much more than a course) has had on me. It has been so complete—spiritually, emotionally, professionally and intellectually.

Patrick 2016