Some articles of interest


  Christina Congleton et al,Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain  (2016)

  Lazar et al. Eight weeks to a better brain (2011)

  Tialka, S., The Trouble with Mindfulness Apps (2015)

  Ruth Baer and Willem Kuyken, Is Mindfulness Safe? (2016)

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  Grossman et al. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Health Benefits: A meta-analysis (2004)

  Majumdar et al. Does Mindfulness Meditation Contribute to Health? Outcome evaluation (2002)

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  Ruth Baer Mindfulness Training as a Clinical Intervention: A conceptual and empirical review (2003)

  Jon Kabat-Zinn  What is Mindfulness? What it is, what it isn’t and its role in health care and medicine (1996)

  Bruno Cayoun Current contributions of Psychological research to general health:The case of mindfulness training

  Goddard & Pavlakis Mindfulness Training: A clinical intervention for anxiety (2007)

  Follette et al. Mindfulness and Trauma: Implications for treatment (2006)

  Grossman-Van Dam Mindfulness, by any other name: trials and tribulations of sati in western psychology and science (2011)

  Teasdale-Chaskalson  Transforming Suffering I (2011)

  Teasdale-Chaskalson  Transforming Suffering II (2011)

 Kabat-Zinn  Origins of MBSR and MAPS (2011)

  Kristin D Neff & Christopher K Germer Mindful Self Compassion: pilot study (2012)

  Patricia L. Dobkin & Steven Hickman & Kaveh Monshat  Holding the Heart of MBSR (2013)

  Hassad   Mind-body Therapies: Use in Chronic pain management (2013)

  Linda E. Carlson, PhD, C Psych Mindfulness-based cancer recovery (2013)

  Paul W.B. Atkins & Robert Styles Reconstructing the Self Following Mindfulness Training: A Behavioural Measure of Self as Story, Process and Perspective

Burpee & Langer Mindfulness and Marital Satisfaction (2005)

Bruno A. Cayoun Advances in Mindfulness Training Integration: Towards a Non-Dualistic Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy

Robert Schütze et al Low Mindfulness Predicts Pain Catastrophizing in a Fear-Avoidance Model of Chronic Pain (2010)

 Christian Jarrett - Editorial  - This is what eight weeks of mindfulness training does to your brain (2016)

 Tracy L. Skaer - Editorial - Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Chronic Insomnia (2014)

 Pain Perception Can Be Modulated by Mindfulness Training: A Resting-Stat fMRI Study (2016)




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