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Openground offers quality, competitive and flexible training solutions drawing on an experienced team of teachers across Australia.  Whether your interest is in increasing performance and effectiveness, reducing stress, or building resilience, empathy and emotional intelligence, team building or leadership development, we can address all levels of training needs in business and government - from frontline workers to executives and leaders.  


Mindfulness can be transformative for both individuals and organisations depending on how embedded it is in the organisational culture and this can be a delicate matter. We would be delighted to consult with you as to how best integrate mindfulness into all levels of the organisation in an effective and sustainable way. This may include stand alone interventions or weaving them into existing training and development programs.

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 Introductory workshops

We offer energising, intelligent workshops which can be customised to your specific needs and audience ranging from a one-hour introductory presentation to a full two-day immersion workshop.  

The workshops are informational, experiential and motivational so that participants not only learn about mindfulness but have an actual experience, including being able to take away some practices to implement immediately. Topics include the role of mindfulness in:
  • creativity and innovation
  • the neurobiology and psychology of motivation
  • building resilience and reducing stress
  • cultivating emotional regulation and intelligence
  • improving clarity and decision making
  • engagement and effectiveness
  • effective communication
  • working well in teams
  • authentic leadership practice

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  Mindfulness training programs

Openground offers trainings that are engaging, informative and practical. In addition to being motivated by succinct and relevant scientific information, you will get tools and processes that you can immediately use. These programs are guaranteed to create a positive attitude and sense of optimism in your workplace.   

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  Leadership programs 

Our leadership programs offer theory, practice, space and time to grow as a leader. Mindfulness is proven to accelerate a leader’s vertical development which supports a growth mindset, increased tolerance for ambiguity and change, increased access to emotional intelligence, increased capacity to lead change and enhanced resilience.

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  One-on-one mindfulness training

We also offer one-on-one mindfulness training to individuals whose circumstance requires this.  

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Mindfulness is a "must-have": a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress.

Harvard Business Review, January 2015


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