Leading Happy Workplaces Conference

The Future of Employee Engagement & Productivity

Are you interested in the cultivation of thriving workplaces?  Here is an invitation to come and learn something from some leading thinkers and practitioners in Australia and to raise money for Camp Quality….

Join the Openground table at this stimulating and empowering event!  

September 6 @ 9:00 am - 5:35 pm

Humanity has always strived for happiness in life and the idea of being happy at work seems alien to many employees. Coming across someone loving their job in corporations (not just liking it) is truly rare. When was the last time you heard someone say “I can’t wait till Monday!?” How can we truly bring our best effort to work if we really rather not be there? 

If happiness comes from within, then what is the role of the leader? Does making employees happy make the leader happy? If money can’t ensure the happiness of employees then what will?

With only 30% of our workforce truly engaged, along with an increase in complexity and uncertainty brought about by constant change in business, the concept of happiness at work has become critical to improving engagement and thereby productivity of organisations. With productivity taking centre stage in business, could happiness be the silver bullet leaders are looking for? It seems only logical that we should be more productive when we are happy, but what does happiness mean for leaders, their teams and the organisation?

Leaders have an important role to play in creating the right environment for their teams to ensure they are passionate about their jobs and love what they do. As leaders, how can we empower employee by aligning their skills and passion to create highly engaged teams?

Join the conversation with cutting edge thought leaders who are bringing a fresh perspective to employee engagement and productivity.



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