Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Building healthier, stronger, wiser minds

This experiential and educational program was created by Dr Rick Hanson, bestselling author of “Hardwiring Happiness” and “Buddha’s Brain”. It is about building a strong, healthy, and happy brain. We can lower stress, and increase well-being and effectiveness by deliberately cultivating positive states – such as safety, contentment, connectedness and compassion.  

This course will focus on learning a fundamental psychological skill: the conversion of passing beneficial experiences and beneficial mental states - into lasting underlying neural traits – that can be experienced in a very pragmatic way in our lives and relationships. Statistically significant findings from a pilot study showed that Positive Neuroplasticity Training increased positive emotions, self-compassion, mindfulness, emotional balance, self-esteem, gratitude, contentment, and love, and it decreased depression and anxiety.


PNT Training Weekend - Sydney, NSW

Positive Neuroplasticity Training Course Maleny, QLD

with Timothea Goddard    
Dates: 19th August and 20th August, 2017 
Time: Saturday 9:30 am - 4:00 pm  and Sunday 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Cost: $450 (early-bird until 23rd July)
$495 (full price from 24th July)

Positive Neuroplasticity Course QLD Registration


What does the PNT course involve?


  • an individual phone interview with your teacher
  • a 2.5 hour class once a week for six weeks or workshop format of three whole days over several weeks.
  • systematic training in cultivating positive states of safety, satisfaction and connection
  • exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action, and how to transform them
  • brief lectures and discussions
  • individual feedback and support
  • scientific rationale for the practice
  • your commitment to daily homework practice using audio tracks and course book


Do I need some previous mindfulness experience?

Not necessarily, but we have found that people who have previous experience of mindfulness find the learning about cultivating positive states more accessible and easy to incorporate into their daily lives.  They are also not so reactive to the experiences that arise when we practice any form of mental training - like frustration, boredom and avoidance!

Is the PNT course a training to teach others?

No.  The name is confusing we know!  It is a personal training for your mind and body to become more familiar with transforming passing positive states like safety, satisfaction and feelings of belonging and connection, into more lasting traits.

It is about you and your life. 

Openground does sponsor Rick Hanson to Australia regularly to offer the 6 day training for health professionals and others who wish to bring this work into their private work with others.

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