Employment with Openground


Openground employs a diverse group of mindfulness teachers from different professional backgrounds and locations across Australia. Being employed by Openground will require that you embody most or all of these qualities and/or experience:

  Specific professional training in MBIs equivalent to the MTIA program or another program which meets the UK Good Practice        Guidelines. 

  Experience and excellence in teaching skills as outlined by the MBI TAC.              

  Ability to function well in a community of teachers.               

  Having the personal qualities of self-reliance, warmth, potency, responsibility, initiative, confidence, ability to engage emotionally and intellectually, generosity, self-reflexivity, openness to receiving feedback, sense of humour. 

  Grounded in long term meditation practice and retreat experience as well as having theoretical clarity about the application of mindfulness in the MBI context.

  Living in a particular location where Openground is developing courses 

  Having specific skills and expertise relevant to the Openground offerings (e.g. workplace experience, training in programs related to parenting, compassion, adolescence and children. 


If you meet most of these criteria and would like to be considered to become part of the Openground team, then contact Caroline: info@openground.com.au including your resume and responding to each of the above requirements in a cover letter.

There are many contextual factors in the decisions about the employment of new teachers. Please note that meeting these criteria is no guarantee that you will be employed by Openground now or in the future, and not being employed by Openground is not a reflection on your professional or personal capacity as a teacher.


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