Authentic Leadership: Creating Highly Engaged Organisations


Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

Brené Brown

In the highly competitive world of big business, the idea of a leader being authentic (especially if that involves vulnerability) is unheard of. Traditionally we have put business leaders on a pedestal and given them a ‘god-like’ status where they have all the power and can seldom be wrong. And even if they do make the wrong call, they deflect responsibility to other factors.

For most traditional leaders, having control is critical so the idea of demonstrating any vulnerability would be perceived as loss of control and therefore failure as a leader, which is unacceptable in most organisations. However, there is a new leader that is emerging. A leader who takes responsibility for his own actions and not shy to say "I was wrong or I don't know'.

This leader leads with a strong sense of humility balancing strength and vulnerability with the team. The authentic leader has a high level of engagement in their team because the team sees someone like them, with similar fears and insecurities, taking on the challenge of leading by example. Authentic leaders build loyalty and create great business outcomes with their teams because they create an environment of trust and collaboration.

So what does authenticity look like in the world of big business and everyone is paranoid of how they are perceived? What does it take to be authentic and how can we cultivate this quality? What is that fine line where vulnerability translates into strength vs. weakness? And most importantly what is the business impact of authenticity on business outcomes?

Join us for a fascinating conversation when business and thought leaders sharing perspectives on what it really looks like to lead with authenticity and how this creates better outcomes for all.

The event will be co-hosted with Openground and Timothea Goddard and we are grateful to Andrew Gale for providing access to the venue.


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Venue: MLC/NAB Wealth Building, 105 -153 Miller St, North Sydney
Date: 30th November
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm





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